Earlier this week, it was my birthday and I knew I wouldn’t have time to go thrifting on the actual day (even though that would be the greatest gift evah), so I called up my thrifting champ and we headed out last Saturday for some early-celebration thrifting at Goodwill.  Sometimes, I just have a sense that there will be something special to be found – it’s my thrifting mojo, a superpower second only to parking mojo, and a front-runner to winning door prizes, gifts which I also possess.  #blessed  Anyhoo, I had a feeling I would find something good that day and I sure did…

I have been on the hunt for a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress forever and actually found one once that turned out to be full of moth holes so I cried.  I never expected to find a pair of DVF pants but hey, when you’re thrifting, you take what you get and don’t get upset.*

(*I spend my days with 3 – 5 year olds, I have catchy rhymes and clean-up songs at the ready)

I was so pleased that these pants are in perfect condition and a beautiful shade of blue – a subdued cobalt.  I couldn’t wait to wear them but waited for a meeting day so as to avoid the risk of those little ones wiping their painty snotty adorable hands on my only DVF item (to date).


Worn with Michael Kors blouse $9.10 and Marc Art of Walking shoes $19…
Only in Canada do we wear bare feet and cropped pants when there’s snow on the ground!

Did I mention I paid $8 for these DVF pants?!!!

Similar styles run $400+ on the DVF site!

Oh, I will keep hunting for a DVF classic wrap dress and I have full faith that one day, I will be victorious!!  But meanwhile, I’ll enjoy these pants, their impeccable tailoring and perfect fit!


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