I went thrifting in Alabama on my recent vacation and hit three different thrift shops which, I hope, are a good representation of what it is like to shop second hand in this pretty Southern state! 

Thrifting in Alabama
Gratiuitous Alabama sunrise shot before we delve into thrifting!

Thrifting in Alabama at The Discovery Market Place and Thrift

On my recent road trip to a summer cabin in Alabama, I stopped in Baton Rouge for some thrifting en route, but was anxious to explore thrifting in Alabama itself. As luck fate would have it, the second day we were there, my husband had to go into town to go to urgent care for a sting ray sting flare up, and while he was receiving medical attention, the kids and I went thrifting at Discovery Market Place and Thrift Store!

Alabama Thrifting
Discover Family Ministries Thrift Store
Thrifting in Alabama
It was a dark and stormy day!
Thrifting in Alabama at Discovery Thrift Store
The store front of Discovery Market Place and Thrift Store was rather unassuming…
Thrifting in Alabama
I loved the HUGE tree out front and felt that signaled good things!

Despite the inconspicuous exterior, the Discovery Thrift Store was HUGE and had all the usual fair – toys, furniture, housewares, clothing…

Thrifting in Alabama
And motivational signs!!!
Thrifting in Alabama
The Discovery Market Place and Thrift Store had a decent selection of dresses…
Thrifting in Alabama
Thrifting in Alabama
Bags – this Coach bag was similar to the one I got in Baton Rouge for $8 except this one was closer to $20 and in poorer condition.

Thrifting in Alabama

Thrifting in Alabama
I loved the jewelry section and got a few new pieces for my collection like these gold hoops for $3. I like the tarnished look of them.
Thrifting in Alabama
And some bracelets – $4 for the bundle!
Thrifting in Alabama
I also got this one thinking it was like my friend Adina’s. It’s not, but I still like this one except it’s too big for my wrists so I gave it to my friend Mare and now I’m happy!
Thrifting in Alabama
They had a great shoe section…
Thrifting in Alabama floral shoes
Found these lovely floral print Aerosoles for $8.50 in perfect condition!
Alabama Thrift
I also scored this Ann Taylor gingham top so I can be like all the other cool fashion bloggers (when I’m cool enough to tolerate sleeves, that is)
Thrifting in Alabama - thrift haul
And The Spirited Mini scored an Alabama souvenir tee that was perfect! She showed it on video on Instagram Story!
Thrifting in Alabama - hey y'all bye y'all
Poor screen shot but you get the idea! She adores it!

By the time we finished shopping at the Discovery Market Place and Thrift Store and my hubby called for me to come pick him up, it was POURING rain! A kind volunteer escorted us to the van with an umbrella and saved the day! Great thrift scores, great service, and a great mission like most little thrift stores!

Thrifting in Alabama at Emmy’s Thrift Shop

We stopped for lunch then hit two more thrift shops on what turned out to be the only rainy day of our trip. Next stop was Emmy’s Thrift Shop.

Thrifting in Alabama
Emmy’s Thrift Shop in Alabama

I love little thrift shops like Emmy’s! You just never know what you will find!

Thrifting in Alabama Emmy's Thrift Shop
I should have bought this for my PT peeps! Number 9 is my fave!
Thrifting in Alabama
My son scored these socks. He thinks he’s very funny. That’s 12 for ya.
Thrifting in Alabama
I found it funny that the letters spelled N-O right by the door – haha.
Thrifting in Alabama
I didn’t find any clothing to take home but I did find this apple peeler/spiralizer, new in the box for $6 and this thing is MAGIC! It reminds me of one we had in the pre-k program where I worked in Canada. Sniff sniff, miss y’all.
Thrifting in Alabama - apple peeler
It’s magic because it works perfectly – there’s a lever that suctions it to the counter so it will.not.budge – and because it makes my kids gobble up apples. So much so that we are out of apples so I tried to demonstrate with an orange…
Thrifting in Alabama kitchen wares
You’ll have to take my word for it – it peels the apple, cores it, and spiralizes the rest!
Thrifting in Alabama
Loved the sign by the till – so you right you are, Emmy, so right you are.

Thrifting in Alabama at Goodwill

The next and last stop of my Alabama vacation was Goodwill. Turns out it was a Goodwill Easter Seals location but for my purposes, it was like any other Goodwill with plenty to browse and a great mission to support. However, by this time, the weather had cleared and my family was itching to return to our cabin and fish in the bay so I tried to be quick and didn’t get many photos.

Thrifting in Alabama
This beaded and sequinned silk jacket was STUNNING and about $5. I have no where to wear it but should have bought it anyway. Sigh.
Thrifting in Alabama at Goodwill Easterseals
Also gorgeous was this silk navy blazer in perfect condition. I admired it but left it behind. The blazers I have are already neglected enough! But this is your reminder, second hand stores are the best place to score corporate wear.
Alabama Thrift
This is F21 knock off of an Anthro brand skirt. They look the same but the feel is so different – you get to know quality by touch after clocking enough thrifting hours!
Styled with my purple polka dot tee $4, coral peep toe wedges $7.70 and She Does Create coral pendant and arm party.
See what I mean?! Mine is silk Edme & Esyllte that I scored from Adina!
Alabama Thrifting
Loved the print of this Umgee dress but it was a youth size and it showed BECAUSE IT WAS A TOP. #tallgirlproblems or #fortyyearoldmomprobs or both
Thrifting in Alabama
Couldn’t resist trying on this boxy plaid blazer by J. McLaughlin. Too hot for a Canadian in the South but fun to imagine outfits with it…
Thrifting in Alabama
The last piece I tried on was this Soft Surroundings wool coat. It was gorgeous and reminded me of a vintage wool coat I had back in Canada. I loved it but reason prevailed. Texas y’all. Hot.

I did not end up buying anything at Goodwill, more due to lack of time than lack of potential. It was a great store, well organized with lots of stock. I wish I had more time and will go back if ever I’m in the area again.

NOW then, if y’all happen to know of any other must-stops for thrifting in Alabama, please say so in the comments! If people land here looking for where to thrift, we want them to have lots of options! Thrifting on vacation is great fun! My summer vacation is almost over and I don’t plan on anymore travel for the foreseeable future, but I will look back on my thrifting in Alabama with fondness and hope I can go again!

xoxo Nicole

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Thrifting in Alabama


  1. We made your Alabama pulled pork yesterday – it is a winner. You don’t need bbq sauce, it is that good.
    Love your shopping adventures.

    • That is AWESOME to hear! Thank you for letting me know! I found the same thing and was glad to find something easy and tasty that wasn’t just BBQ sauce. Thanks for following along and for commenting!

    • I have wanted to go there – hopefully will be able to one day!! And when I do, I will DEFINITELY blog about it!

  2. What an awesome Coach bag! Great find. In fact everything in there had a cool vineri, judging from your pics.

    • Yes! It was so much fun! I love exploring little thrift shops! Thanks for the comment – vineri and all! LOL

  3. Cool “vibe” lol…what does autocorrect mean by “vineri.”

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