On my recent vacation in Alabama, my family took a day trip to see the Blue Angels. After almost perishing in the Florida heat, we needed some… redemption, and that’s just what we found while thrifting in Pensacola!

Thrifting in Pensacola
I spotted the sign from the road and made my husband pull over with false promises of “I’ll only be a minute.”

Thrifting in Pensacola Redemption Store

Everything we did during our summer vacation was new to me. I have never been to Baton Rouge, never been to New Orleans, never been to Mississippi (though I have spelled it thousands of times while skipping) or Alabama or Florida. It was all exciting and I loved it! I hope you were following along on Instagram Story because I shared some of the every day experiences there, like how I couldn’t hack the heat while watching the Blue Angels and had to retreat to the AC before I died. It was close. (I’m heartier in the Canadian winter than in the Southern summer, go figure.)¬† On our way home from the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, we happened upon the perfect stop for thrifting in Pensacola

Thrifting in Pensacola
The Redemption Store – A Ministry of Perdido Bay United Methodist Church
Thrifting in Pensacola
The first thing I noticed was the sale rack out front – always a good sign!
Thrifting in Pensacola
I liked this colourful sweater on the sale rack…
Thrifting in Pensacola
I also loved this BR navy polka dot sweater but it was just too soon. I couldn’t see through to the slightly chillier months ahead, past the sweat dripping off my brow, and under my boobs, and down my back. Even for a dollar.
Thrifting in Pensacola
Turns out it was Christmas in July at The Redemption Store and I scored something very precious off this very table. But I’m only going to reveal that on Instagram! So you’ll have to head there if you want to find out!

This little thrift store was sizable and had all the usual thrift shop stuff – clothing, housewares, furniture, Christmas decor!

Thrifting in Pensacola
I looked long and hard at this chair set and if there had been a way to strap them to the van, under the canoe, I would have brought them home to Houston.

Like most non-profit stores, prices at The Redemption Store were low (and redemption is free – sorry, couldn’t help a Jesus reference xoxo) and they had a decent selection…

Thrifting in Pensacola
Dresses ranged from $4 to $7 with some items specially marked, like this Max Studio leather dress for the expensive price of $12. I’m being totally sarcastic; that is a score for any leather piece, let alone a dress in perfect condition. Would be perfect for a late October day IN CANADA.

I also spotted Anthro brands, Rock and Republic and other interesting pieces…

Thrifting in Pensacola
I was tempted to buy this then remembered that I no longer work in preschool. Sigh. The kids would have loved it.
Thrifting at The Redemption Store
Loved this but it was pretty worn.
Thrifting in Florida
Silver leather Sam Edelman loafers. I wore these around and almost talked myself into them before remembering how EVEN THE TOPS OF MY FEET ARE HOT HERE!
Thrifting in Pensacola
Also loved these shoes, not my size. Sometimes I consider putting in shelving in my bedroom just to display all the pretty shoes, so I can look lovingly upon them as I fall asleep. My husband does not share my fondness for the idea.
Thrifting in Pensacola
It was love at first sight with these sandals but luckily I used my own handy strategy and wore them around the store because they were UNCOMFORTABLE so I left them behind. They could have gone on my imaginary bedroom shoe shelf though.
Thrifting in Pensacola - jewelry
I always love seeing how little thrift stores display their jewelry. This was apparently effective because I found myself wondering how that necklace would look with my jean shorts and tank tops.

Fitting Room Files

I tried on quite a few things but didn’t have space to photograph much since the Spirited Mini joined me in the fitting room to try on her selections!

Thrifting in Pensacola
I got this dress for $4 but she left this one behind.
Thrifting in Pensacola
I knew this dress was a keeper because I WISHED I was wearing it in the Florida heat! I ended up wearing it for our 8-hour trip home – so comfy! Public pajamas! (wait, it’s not pajamas is it?)
Thrifting in Pensacola
And my daughter got this yellow dress for $3. She loves it SO much – will barely take it off for me to wash. Sure, it’s a bit “fancy” for everyday life, but when it cost $3, why not let a little girl have her heart’s desire?!
Thrifting in Pensacola
I also scored this vintage striped skirt with pockets for $3 and LOVE it. Also created a pleasing pattern mix with her dress!

Little Thrift Shopping

Like most “little” thrift stores, The Redemption Store exists to support local church ministries. It offers a place for volunteers to find meaningful occupation, it is a community landmark, and it was a bustling place! Second hand shops like these are great places to take your donations and to shop – you can feel good no matter which end of the chain you’re on.

I could have spent more time there exploring potential food props that have given me a new raison d’etre! Alas my family was ready to head home and jump in the cool bay waters so we parted ways, the Pensacola thrift shop and I. But I want to make it abundantly clear: it’s these unobtrusive thrift shops that have the most treasure and are the most interesting to browse. So if you ever go to see the Blue Angels, make this part of your tour! And if you never go thrifting in Pensacola, no problem; I’m certain there’s a little thrift shop near you!

xoxo Nicole

P.S. Don’t forget to head over to Instagram later today to see what I thrifted from The Redemption Store’s Christmas in July sale!

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Thrifting in Pensacola


  1. I totally agree with you and your daughter about wearing what you want, when you want! She’s precious in that little yellow dress and it’s perfect for slightly more “sophisticated” look for a young lady.

    • nicole

      Amen to that! Life is short! Don’t save your good anything for a special occasion – every day is special! (But this is much easier to put into practice while your daughter is playing in the grass in a pale yellow dress when it only cost $3!!) Thanks for commenting! Makes my day!

  2. (wait, you thrifted in my state without me, lol!) Nice shopping all around — daughter’s happy, mom has the great new pajama-dress with pockets! Win/win!

    • nicole

      One day, I will come all the way to Tampa then we will thrift together! I still can hardly believe I’m driving distance from Florida!