Before I delve into all things Austin thrift, I wanted to share last week’s thrift stop with my friend Mare who is currently in the land of Coffee Crisps and Ketchup Chips having a great time in reasonable summer temps unlike 44 DEGREES CELSIUS (with humidity, but still).  Mare wanted to add some summer pieces to her wardrobe and when she mentioned she was going thrifting, I just assumed I was invited and met her the next day at our local Goodwill!

Mare is not a thrifting newbie but sometimes it takes an enthusiastic friend to force you to try on things you might never otherwise try to help you search the racks!

Here, Mare’s enthusiastic friend assured her that stripes and floral look FAB together!!

Found some other interesting pieces in our travels…

I guess I’m getting cynical because I took one look at this Old Navy graphic tee, scoffed and muttered to myself, ‘not always’. #realitybites  Maybe the donator felt the same!
Loved these shoes but sadly they were too big! I used to have this exact Aerosole style in black!
This cat tee was something else. Look at how the print is continued on the inside of the back! If you follow along on Instagram stories, you know that one of these cats had an unfortunate accident! LOL If you don’t follow along, you should. Very serious shenanigans could happen at any time.
Too bad this didn’t fit either of us. HA!
I held this up and asked Mare in all seriousness, “Is this a glass?” Maaayyybbee I was off my game that day! (I meant, is it a drinking glass!)
For one buck, I took it home with me and used it for my makeup brushes! It makes me happy every single morning!

Now onto Mare’s finds.  I didn’t get a good photo of every piece…

…because she had lots to try on and I was busy taking pieces off the hangers then rehanging the no’s. You would be amazed at how helpful that is. It takes a giant overwhelming cart and makes it manageable.
First up, a flowy comfy pair of cropped wide leg pants which were on Mare’s wish list! Score! And these were 50% off with the colour tag sale!
Mare found THREE fab skirts which are perfect for summer all year in Houston and perfect for summer in Canada with a jean jacket!
Basic black with pretty details on the bottom.
Love this!
The third skirt was another black one with a pretty print and sequins detailing along the hem.
Mare has dark hair and striking blue eyes and can wear bright colours so well!
I LOVE this orange top!
She also scored a navy striped top and some other basics that will coordinate well with her bottoms.

All in all, Mare found 11 pieces for less than $60, an average cost per piece of $5.31!  She rejuvenated her summer wardrobe and found pieces that she feels great in!  And she hung out with her enthusiastic friend (!) who is just as happy seeing someone else score a great thrift haul as when she thrifts for herself!

Have fun in Canada Mare!  Come back soon!



  1. Great shopping, ladies! (yeah, too bad about that pink bra!)