Every day this week, I’ve combed through my VV Boutique Blog Inspiration Pinterest board before choosing my work outfits.  Every day has been … interesting.

Monday morning look inspired by this pin and the excellent blog Outfit Posts.
Cardi and accessories from my closet
I am officially tired of socks but it is still bitterly cold so I had no choice but to bootie up.  
Then, I was surprised to realize I am lacking a plain old black skinny belt.  Then, I realized I really wanted a crisper cobalt colour.  Siiiggghhhh.  Woe is me and my first world problems.
I ended up untucking and going with flats for a more preppy relaxed look.
The next day, I made the mistake of not pre-meditating my outfit.  So Tuesday morning it took me almost 45 minutes of recreating every outfit from my Pinterest board, then deciding none were weather-appropriate, only to finally come up with one of my most basic outfits ever. 
Inspired by this pin by Shop Ruche.
Gold pants $3 from Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe, sweater from clothing exchange, $6 flats from VV Boutique.
At least the pants were gold…
My Anthro foxy necklace was a gift from my friend, bracelets from my closet.
After that dressing debacle, I planned ahead for this morning and knew I wanted to wear my new thrifted tulle skirt, $7 from VV Boutique.  However, which way I ended up wearing it was a game-day decision…
Paired with a casual hand-me-down sweatshirt as inspired by this pin by Inspired Design, or
Mixed with stripes and mustard as inspired by this pin by Cleverly Yours.
Mustard cardi $2, gifted thrifted sequins flats
Necklace by She Does Create and black Flatter:Me! belt
In the end, I based my choice on an Anthro example and tulle styling tips by blogger Merricks Art who recommended wearing tulle with a fitted top, pairing it neutrals (stripes plus a finishing layer), keeping pairings casual and adding a statement necklace…
And so it came to pass that tulle went to school today.
I felt totally comfortable bum-scootching and animal-walking on the floor and doing all my regular professional stuff.  There was a near-disaster with velcro but I caught it just in time; workplace hazard.  I still like the sweatshirt pairing and see that as “weekend tulle.”  Before today, I didn’t differential my tulle terms at all.  Look how far I’ve come.
I will be glad when the weather finally warms up and I can wear the 75 Pinspired outfits I have in the queue!


    • Thanks! Yes I was pleasantly surprised!! Thrifting is a great way to try trends without spending too much! How about we see a farmer in tulle!!?! Now that would be fun!

  1. Love, love, love the tulle skirt outfit! Totally love it! So cute. Now I want one! 😉