I have vacation flexibility.  I enjoy everything from travelling to new cities and family vacations to camping to going off the grid into the true wild.

I was pretty happy to be driving in the truck when we saw this big guy about 20 feet away.
I was pretty happy to be driving in the truck when we saw this big guy about 20 feet away.

This year, my family spent some time camping in no-cell zone then moved on to beautiful British Columbia.  Naturally, one of the first things we did upon our return to civilization was go thrifting!  I have my children trained well and they LOOOVVVEE thrifting!  They love hunting for books, toys and other treasures which conveniently leaves me time to hunt for dresses and shoes.  #winwin  We went to a few other thrift stores during our trip!  Have a look!

Little thrift stores are my favourite! The prices are usually better and you never know what you’ll find!
My daughter can’t resist a fancy dress. I have no idea where she gets that from.
Starting with the no’s, here is a floral blazer that I WISH fit me!
I almost went for the yellow flower pattern on this one then decided it bordered on retirement home style.
Striped vintage skirt… happy!!!! No where near doing up… sad. 🙁

I found the score of the vacation at this little thrift shop!!

Salvatore Ferragamo flats for $7!!!! They are well worn on the bottom but who cares – would be worth re-soling. Unfortunately, there is no chance my post-surgery foot will squeeze into these for a long time and they’re a half size too big for me, so they’re going to my thrift blogging sistah, Adina from Blue Collar Red Lipstick. For me, seeing amazing finds going to a good home is just as rewarding as keeping them for myself!
This lightweight top has scalloped edges on the sleeves and hem and lovely plaid colours – perfect for Fall! It is made in Canada by Montreal designer Maggy Evans and was $2!!
AND it was a perfect match to the unworn burgundy patent loafers by Life Stride. I have a feeling once I can squeeze my still-swollen foot into shoes, I’m going to require good-quality flats – these fit the bill for $5 and they have a bit of personality!
Little thrift can be a great source of unique accessories like these silver leaf earrings for $3!
Or these little $3 bone leaf earrings!

In addition to all this, my kids found games, books and soccer cleats.  And were primed for the next stop!  (stay tuned…)


  1. Haley Radke

    This store is a mere one minute from my parent’s house!

  2. Taylor Madge

    Heading to the Okanagan on Saturday-can’t wait to go thrifting there!