After my chat with Adina from Blue Collar Red Lipstick the other day, I’ve been considering my style, again.  I keep getting older, I keep thrifting new-to-me pieces but I still feel, er, eclectic in my style.  Last year, I sampled different style personalities and ruled out a few – not classic, not minimalist, not boho – but I never really landed on a solid style personality.  I explored the “Colourful Style Personality” earlier this year but I’m not sure if that even accurately describes my style.  I plan to mull it over during my upcoming vacation and meanwhile, will just thrift and wear what I like and pay special attention to how pieces jive with me – I’ll consider the inside-outside congruence as Thrift Me Pretty likes to call it.  Take for example this vintage pleated midi skirt I recently thrifted for $4.90…

Worn with my $1.50 Cleo black sleeveless top, $7 Bussola t-strap sandals and She Does Create pendant and accessories.

I love the colours, love the pattern, love the pleats, love the little kick at the hem!!

IMG_1111 IMG_1105


Despite all that love, on a scale of 1 – 10 for the somewhat ambiguous jive of Nicole-ness, I would rate this outfit a 6.5.  Whether it was my mood that day, how I styled it, or that dratted air cast, I liked the skirt and outfit, but wasn’t wowed.



I’ll keep the skirt around for another wear or two and see if its rating improves.  If not, it might head for a swap!

Am I being too harsh?
What do YOU think?  Am I being too harsh?


  1. Shannon Ebbesen

    I enjoy the skirt, but think maybe it’s crying out for boots and a sweater, as in it is more of a fall/winter piece U0001f617

  2. The Spirited Thrifter

    However, the material is very thin! Almost see through! I guess tights wouldn’t hurt!

  3. Rose by His Grace

    I hate when that happens!  In our minds a garment looks so fantastic, but once styled, not so great.  I like your idea of restyling it a couple more times and see how it feels after that.  I have a skirt that the first outfit created left a bad impression for me.  But I restyled it several times, now the skirt is one of my favourites and always my go to when I need something cute and fashionable.  I agree to give it a couple more tries, then release it if it just does not prove as wonderful as you thought.  Just saying…

    • nicole

      Indeed, it deserves another chance! Though I am itching to do a closet edit soon so we shall see if it makes the cut!