Halloween season is usually the least favoured shopping time among thrift enthusiasts.  So many people invading our territory!  I feel especially sad seeing all the vintage items lumped in with Halloween pieces – misunderstood, undervalued, destined for God knows what…

Vintage Rescue Vintage Rescue Vintage RescueThese blouses may be polyester but they’re so cool.  I can envision them styled up in a contemporary way.

Vintage Rescue Vintage Rescue Vintage Rescue Vintage Rescue

Imagine these blazers with a plain tee and dark denim.  They deserve some love outside of October 31st!!

Vintage Rescue Vintage Rescue Vintage Rescue

That’s a suede skirt, people.  With a coupon, it would be $9.10 and could be from the current Anthro catalog.  Sighhhhh.  If I could have done up any of these skirts, they would have come home with me, budget be damned!  Same for these plaid pants, just crying to go out with a modern chambray…

Vintage Rescue

Vintage Rescue Vintage Rescue Vintage Rescue

The vintage dresses are amazing.  Similar dresses sell in specialty vintage shops for quadruple the price, at least.  And look at this vintage coat!!!

Vintage RescueBut the piece that made me cry was this absolutely stunning wedding gown…

Vintage Rescue

Yes, it needs to be cleaned but look at the details!

Vintage RescueThis is not a costume!!  It’s a treasure.  I stood there for a good long while wondering if I should buy it on the off-chance that my daughter might one day want it in 20 years.  In the end, I had to say goodbye.  I love you, Vintage Wedding Gown.  I will never forget you.  Sighhhhhh.

There was more, it just got too sad to keep going.  At every thrift shop at this time of year, you will find vintage treasures so my plea is this: rescue some vintage during Halloween season!  Just look how good vintage can be…

Vintage Rescue

Half a vintage suit + chambray + boots and accessories and BOOM!  Anthropologie model.  (Or thereabouts.)

Vintage Rescue

Vintage Rescue
Just happened to have perfect earrings to coordinate.  

Thrifted Miz Mooz boots, LINED Miz Mooz boots, for SEVEN DOLLARS.

Okay, I *might* not be an Anthro model, BUT I can see the potential in vintage pieces.  So go!  Go thrift some vintage and save it from a sad Halloween destiny!  If we work together, we can make a difference!

Chambray $6, leather belt  $4.20, vintage skirt $5, Miz Mooz boots $7.50 plus accessories from my collection.
Chambray $6, leather belt $4.20, vintage skirt $5, Miz Mooz boots $7.50 plus accessories from my collection.


  1. Colonygal

    So funny to read about your take on this! Totally in agreement- Haloween is where I have scored some of my best deals! Vintage silk skirts, and yesterday a a Judy Hornby silk and sequin crop top for $3.99 at half off because it was on Halloween section!

  2. She Does Create

    LOVE this #ootd Perfection. It makes me so sad too seeing all the beautiful vintage pieces as costumes. Shame on VV for hoarding it all for this purpose. Sigh….