I had good intentions about posting more frequently but alas… life.  I actually dislike when bloggers or Instagrammers apologize for not posting.  Unless you are contractually obligated or making your living from posting frequently, you really don’t owe anyone an explanation.  And the algorithm has changed things so that one can never assume that anything you’re posting is actually reaching anyone anyway.  But just in case anyone has noticed the quiet from this little slice of Internet, I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to.

First of all, Pinspired March 2018 edition continues on Instagram and Facebook!

A recent fave with my Spirited Mini! I love raising my kids on thrifting!

It is so much fun and I must acknowledge my amazingly patient 12-year-old son who has been taking all the shots!  I eh-hem lack modeling ability but he patiently helps me copy the poses and takes shot after shot until we get it right.  I could not do this without him.  He will make a fine Instagram husband/photographer/general husband one day!!

Our first year of Texas minor hockey came to a close!

I miss it already, and no, we did not enroll in Spring sports; sometimes I just want my kids to have time to chillax and play… before it’s too late.  It’s not the predominant approach to extracurricular time but I’m confident it won’t ruin their future.

We had the pleasure of Canadian company over Spring Break!

Come back soon Colleen!!

Colleen and her family have been like a second family to us since 2006.  My daughter is determined she and Colleen’s son are getting married one day…

Selah: Mom, what is a fiance?

Me: It’s someone you’re promised to be married to.

Selah: Oh, then Griffin is my fiance.

Sorry, every other young man in Texas.  I can’t get her to change her mind about anything and I doubt you will either.  Anyhoo, we did some touristy stuff along with everyone else on Spring Break including driving past all the full Zoo parking lots and heading to Buffalo Bayou park instead.

Oh hello March blooms!!!

Reminds me of Long Slide Park, RIP, back in Beaumont.

Of course, Colleen and I went thrifting.  Specifically, we sent her husband to NASA with all the kids and went thrifting.  It was awesome.

Eileen Fisher wool cardi for $10 from MAM. And you’ll have to wait for the March Thrift Haul recap for the rest!

We also went to Galveston and *I know* the water is not ocean blue but WE ARE LAND LOCKED PRAIRIE GIRLS.  Ocean is ocean and we were happy to see it!

When Colleen and family left, my daughter cried and cried.  I think it was the first time she felt the heart-sadness of missing someone.  Every day, daughter, every day.

After they left, we busied ourselves with errands, parties with Canadians and our first trip to Brazos Bend State Park.

Free range alligators. My favourite Megan would NOT like this place. 😛

Ooooh, I also shared an announcement on Facebook!  Starting in April, I will be joining the Houston Moms Blog team of contributors!  I cannot wait!  I have lots of ideas for never-before-seen content that I’ll be sure to link up here, and most of all, I’m looking forward to meeting more friends here!

Now, I have a very important question.  During past Pinspired Marches, I was working in addition to my regular Trophy Wife duties and found March to be FUN but time-consuming.  This year, I’m only working inside the home and I have a little more time on my hands.  (Plus I have a photographer eager to earn more video game funds.)  What I’m getting at is this: I have more Pins to copy than days left in March so I *could* do an extended edition for this year only – should I?  Seriously, I don’t want to ruin the magic of this month!  The anticipation is what gets me through winter!!  (well, “winter”)  As my son says about perfume, too much of a good thing is not a good thing.  But if y’all are interested in more, I can deliver.  Let me know what you think and stay tuned at the end of the month!!

How about you?  What have you been up to lately?  Any good recent thrift scores?!!


  1. Pam Scott

    Some of my recent finds: Miss Me Lace and Fringe Cardigan (retails for $70), Uncle Frank Green Shift Dress with lace details on sleeves (retails on $125/still had tags on it), Uncle Frank Fiesta Dress (retails for $95/still had tags on it), Urban Outfitters black high waisted shorts, Kavu crossbody purse, Vera Bradley crossbody purse, etc. I love to find great items for super low prices.

  2. Sure, continue the pintrest copy posts. They’re fun!

  3. Yes! Please keep doing the Pintrest inspired posts! I love them!