The internet is a peculiar beast.  Perhaps more than any other thing, it has the power for amazing good and destructive bad.  Fortunately, I see the good so much that I am often caught by surprise when the bad rears, which is fine by me.  I’ll happily turn my face to the sun any day.  For example, the weekend tragedy of the Humboldt Broncos was devastating to the international hockey community but the world has responded with astounding generosity and support, raising more than 7 million dollars in three days for the families as of the time I’m writing this – while I’ve been preparing this draft, the number has increased more than 2 million dollars.  I get teary just thinking about it.  Another personal example of internet awesomeness is how it has enabled me to make friends in a brand new community and country.  I followed several thrifting, fashion and lifestyle bloggers from Houston long before I ever moved here and unbeknownst to me, some of my readers were from Houston as well.  Once I shared that I was moving over a year ago, the IRL (*in real life, which apparently the cool kids don’t say anymore, I can’t keep up) connections started popping up.  I received welcoming messages and invitations to meet people or otherwise get help “anytime.”  That is SO good and before I moved, I didn’t truly realize the power of good behind Instagram, Facebook and blogging.  I have been so blessed to use these tools to make friends and start building a life here.  Yeah yeah yeah, one must exercise caution and not go meeting people in back alleys and whatnot but, without exception, my taking risks in connecting with people has paid off in new, wonderful friendships!

That is in fact how I met Elisa, whom I consider a friend, style icon, mentor and inspiration!  What a delight it was last week to get together with Elisa and another inspiring friend and style icon visiting from Canada, Adina from Blue Collar Red Lipstick.  We had one short day, a few short hours to hit a Texas representation of thrift shops with a quick bite in between!  Elisa has been a long-time reader of both my and Adina’s blogs and is just so encouraging!  It was a delightful day and though I didn’t get many photos, I will remember it as one of my best Houston thrifting adventures!!

Our first stop on our way to pick up Elisa was at the Family Thrift Center which is unique to Texas except for one store in Arizona and another in Missouri.  Family Thrift Center has both “regular” thrift store locations and outlet locations where prices for all items are fixed according to the day. I did not take Adina to the outlet because it was a Monday and already they start to cordon off the racks leaving only some aisles open.
I found only item, these peacock-turquoise blue leather Naturalizer slides for $5.45. Little did I know I would thrift the perfect dress for an upcoming event that coordinated perfectly with the shoes…
It is a wonderful thing when pieces thrifted from different locations at different times come together exquisitely!

Adina is a woman on a style mission, not to be deterred from her direction and focus (despite my best efforts to get her to wear what *I* want!!) but she did find a few pieces and will be sharing it all soon in Part Two of her Texas Vacation SeriesStay tuned!

We picked up Elisa, quickly cemented our in-person friendship, forged our thrifting trio, then hit Texas Thrift. We HAD to!  I found a few pieces because #freshout.
North Face dress in perfect condition WITH POCKETS for $6.98 that I envision as a camping dress. Now I need to find a way to go camping *sans snakes*!!!
Red shorts have been on my thrift hunting list for a while and these linen-blend ones were only $4.98.
I recently let go of a floral short sleeve top and thought this would be a good replacement for ONE DOLLA! (tag sale) I liked that it has mustard and purple in the print.

That was it for me though I saw plenty of designer brands.  Texas Thrift is a place to spend some time, if you have it!  Next, we headed to THE Goodwill, the River Oaks location…

At this point, I declared us the Charlie’s Angels of Thrifting!!!

The River Oaks Goodwill is renowned in Houston because of its desireabe location in an affluent neighbourhood. I’ve been once before with Elisa and found some great pieces, but this time was … meh though I scored a couple staples for a buck each.

I could have thrifted all night as could have Adina and Elisa if only we didn’t have to return home to our families!  It was a surreal experience to be able to get together with people from opposite ends of North America (thereabouts!) and do the thing that united us on the internet in the first place!!  I was able to see Adina and her beautiful family one more time before they headed back to Edmonton (despite my best efforts to kidnap them all and start a commune!).

Thank you Elisa and Adina for a great day!  I am blessed to call you friends! xoxoxo

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