It’s hard to believe that the weather is twenty degrees warmer than it was last week yet is still below zero.  That’s Canadian winter for ya and it means that a Dressember girl‘s gotta find a way to cope.  I posted ages ago about wearing summer dresses in cooler weather and decided then that there are just some dresses that can’t transition to winter.  I thought that about my Liberty Art Fabric dress

I love the unique style of this dress and the fun print! The label is "Liberty Art Fabrics" which seems appropriate - the dress reminds me of a painting!

Then this morning, my darling daughter put on her Liberty Art Fabric-esque dress because she marches to her own beat, and I thought, if she can do it, I can do it…

The dress is the softest cotton AND it has pockets!  The dress was $9.10, purple suede boots $8.50, sweater $4.90 and necklace $8.

I liked a simple but standout necklace to draw the eye up (in case it looked like crap, I’ve been scarred!).

I have styled dresses with a sweater over top before, but it’s not always a successful venture.  My best advice is to pair a shorter sweater with your dresses so your waist doesn’t get lost, and to try on your dress/sweater combos before committing.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s worth a try to winterize your dress and get an extra season or two of wearing potential!  To summerize (!) (punny), in order to winterize your dress:

  1. add a sweater over top or a cozy cardigan (pay attention to the hem lines!)
  2. accessorize
  3. add tights
  4. add boots
  5. add a scarf before you leave the house
My daughter’s style instincts are proving to be inspirational and accurate!  Thanks Gorgeous! xoxoxo

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