Okay, we have already established that 2018 needs to just go but before it does, walk with me through some of the happier times, what I deem to be the “best of” #thrifteatdrinkrepeat.

Best of Thrifts

I have thrifted less in the last year compared to usual but I nonetheless scored some AH-MAZING things this year…

Best Top

I guess you could call this best of topS because there were four separate pieces in my most epic find this year…

Best of 2018 by The Spirited Thrifter
Not just one St. John sweater set but…
Best of 2018 by The Spirited Thrifter
TWO St. John sweater sets at $5.45 per set!
Best of 2018 by The Spirited Thrifter
I don’t know who on earth would pay that regular retail but I’m glad they did then donated the perfect-condition pieces!

People often ask me if I sell the valuable pieces I thrift and the answer to that is… it depends. If they fit, I tend to keep them because there’s no way a girl like me will ever have them otherwise. Also, I’m a casual reseller only – I have a Poshmark closet basically to fund my thrifting but reselling is not my passion. Sometimes when I see something amazing that doesn’t fit me, I just leave it right there to thrill the thrifter that stumbles upon it! Makes me happy!

Best of 2018 by the Spirited Thrifter featuring thrifted St. John
Here’s how I actually wore this beauty! Dressed up my $1 Anne Klein sheath dress for a holiday ladies’ lunch!
Best of 2018 by the Spirited Thrifter featuring thrifted St. John
Wore the purple one just the other day with my $2 purple top, $23 Pilcro jeans from Poshmark, and $18 green Miz Mooz peep toes
(only in Houston in December!).
I felt like a million bucks! Well, at least six bucks! LOL
P.S. Purple brings out the worst matchy-matchy in me. Eyeshadow, undies… it all matched!!!

Best Bottom

I decided not to include in the running the basic denim shorts and pants that I wear ALL THE TIME. Suffice it to say that you should never buy denim regular retail. There is a huge variety in all shapes and sizes at thrift stores, Thred Up and Poshmark. Manufacturing denim has a huge environmental cost, so the more we can use what’s out there, the better.

Moving on. My best of bottoms was a vintage $3 skirt that I thrifted in Florida!

5 Ways to Wear a Vintage Skirt by The Spirited Thrifter
I had so much fun styling this skirt and between the stripes and the pockets, it’s squarely in my style zone!

Best Dress

This is going to come as a shock, but I did not thrift many dresses this year (relatively speaking) and I did not score any hall-of-fame dresses, but my choice for the best of dresses of 2018 is based on the perfect example of thrifting mojo. I was looking for something to wear to the Houston Moms Blog 5th Birthday Bash and wasn’t satisfied with anything in my closet and I just had a feeling that I would find something at a particular Goodwill… and I did!

How the Spirited Thrifter Got Her Groove Back
I found a $2 cupcake-print dress WITH POCKETS and the mint cardi to go with it.

Best Shoes

I thrifted ALL THE SHOES in 2017 and slowed down considerably in 2018 but there was one thrifting first that earns the prize of best of shoes…

When you live in a warm climate, sandals replace boots as the best footwear option so I’m thrilled with these sandals that the young people might describe as “extra!” In fact, they came just at the right time as my other silver jeweled sandals needed to be retired!

Best Accessory

The best accessory I found is based on three things – the item, the price and the store…

How to Tell if A Designer Bag Is Real by The Spirited Thrifter
This GORGEOUS dark green leather Fossil bag was in perfect condition and only $4.50 at the best thrift store I’ve ever been to: St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in Austin!
College Station Thrift by The Spirited Thrifter
And here it is styled up with my $1.75 Lilla P wide-legged cropped chambray pants, $15 Korkease clogs, and $3 top!

Best Household

I am always on the lookout for household items for my giant Texas house but hands-down my BEST of household thrift find was…

5 Things to Thrift For Your Home
Teal wingback chairs, thrifted for $50 a piece at my fave little thrift store, MAM Resale!

This is now my favourite place to read and relax (and I’m on the hunt for a proper ottoman!).

Best Miscellaneous

This year, I enjoyed thrifting for household and miscellaneous items more than ever! I found some cool dishes, justs and decor but my best purchase was… 

A new-in-box apple peeler, corer and spiralizer for $5!
That appliance suctions to the counter and does NOT move and it works like a hot damn.
(I don’t know what that means, but my friend Cathy says it and I like it.)

I tend to share my little hits and misses on Instagram Stories thrift hauls so be sure to follow along there so you don’t miss any fun!

Best of Eats

Even though monetizing my blog didn’t pan out the way I had hoped, I still enjoy writing about food and am so thankful that I expanded my blogging raison d’etre! Did you know that I once considered starting a whole separate blog all about hosting dinner parties? I think I was looking for an excuse to eat, drink and gather my friends! I *suppose* you don’t have to have a blog for that! 😉 Still, I like cooking and here was my fave recipe:

Blueberry Sauce Recipe
Grandma’s Blueberry Sauce!

I consider this the best of because it showed me the power of writing about food. This recipe is treasured in my husband’s extended family. In a sense, the blog post is a memorial, a tribute to his grandmother and the love she had for her family. That’s pretty special.

Best of Drink

I cannot tell you what a relief it was to learn that I did not have to cut out wine and spirits from my life after my cancer scare. I could have hugged my ENT (I didn’t but the thought crossed my mind #friendlycanadian). I’m not a somolier or a craft cocktail afficianado. I am an ordinary girl who likes sipping wine with dinner and trying new cocktails and I like representing that on the blog. One of the highlights of my holiday season was when I told the Target rep offering samples of $5 wine that I would get a bottle for my “fancy” dinner since I usually have two-buck-chuck; he laughed and laughed. (er, I wasn’t trying to be funny) So anyway, before I share the best drink recipe of 2018, let me share a couple bevvie recipes I shared on Instagram Stories in case you missed them…

Best of 2018 by The Spirited Thrifter
Homemade Peppermint Coffee Creamer – all the holiday taste with none of the yucky stuff.
The Best of 2018 by The Spirited Thrifter
I made this recipe for Mulled Wine from October 31st right through to Christmas Eve! It was a hit and perfect for those Houston nights that dip below 15 degrees – haha.

The best of cocktails was a twist on my fave classic…

Gin and tonic with blackberries
The Gin & Tonic with Blackberries! Easy and refreshing!

Best of Outfits

Okay, this was not the year of inventive outfits for Nicole. It was a lot of shorts and tank tops and wondering what exactly a trophy wife wears when her only outing is to the bus stop… I have no qualms about wearing my special pieces on ordinary days but most of the time, I was in a casual style mood. Dressember prompted me to wear my dresses, and the Closet Minimalism Game 2018 helped me to clear out the too-small pieces from my closet, so I’m hoping my 2019 outfit game will step up. I still feel like I’m in the process of defining my style but I do know that I:

  1. love dresses
  2. love colour
  3. love mustard cardigans

And with that in mind, my best of outfits was…

How to Tell if A Designer Bag Is Real by The Spirited Thrifter
The outfit I wore to meet my Houston Moms Blog tribe: $7 dress, $6 leather slides, $3.50 yellow belt, gifted but thrifted cardi, teal Longchamp bag and my fave She Does Create necklace.
There was a suggested colour palette so I just wore them all! 😀

Best of Life

2018 has been a tough year. The honeymoon phase with Houston is OVER and that is both good and bad. But I am happy to be here, happy to be healthy and surrounded by friends. The other stuff will work itself out. So for the best of LIFE post of 2018… well, it’s this one.

Cheers y’all to 2018 passed and 2019 to come!

xoxo, Nicole


  1. Agreed: 2018 was not the best year, so we can wipe that off our hands and move on! Glad to see you posting! You found some great stuff this year! You’re also making some great points. I can’t remember the last time I bought anything brand-new, and I wouldn’t even want to, because it would feel like a ripoff. Thrifting is enjoyable, and both my wardrobe and house look better as a result. I’ve gotten into finding lamps, fun kitchen gear (like your apple spiralizer!) and towels lately, in addition to clothes and shoes. And throw pillows! Happy 2019!

    • nicole

      I have the same problem. When people talk about shopping at Ross/Winners or other discount places, it still is too much for me. Even thrift not on sale makes me think twice!! Thank you for the kind words! I’m sure 2019 holds good things!