Houston Thrift Guide

Houston is an amazing city! It is the 4th largest city in the US and is known for its diversity (and traffic!). I love Houston more and more every day and have enjoyed so many great thrifting adventures here, I wanted to offer a one-stop landing place to find out where to thrift in Houston: the Houston Thrift Guide.

Houston Thrift Guide

The Houston Thrift Guide is by necessity dynamic; I could go to a different thrift store in Houston every week and be busy for a year or longer SO here’s what I’m going to do. As I explore, I’ll add to the Houston Thrift Guide. And as YOU explore, let me know in the comments what needs to be added. None of these posts are sponsored nor have I received any compensation for including them in the Guide. You’re getting my straight-up honest impression of the stores.

For simplicity, I’ll divide the Houston Thrift Guide into five sections, loosely defined: Inner Loop/Beltway, North, East, South and West. Since I live in Katy, I have done more thrifting on the West side, but it is my mission to explore the thrift shops in all corners of Houston! Here are the Houston thrift shops I have visited, in no particular order and just FYI, the links take you to my blog posts about those thrift shops, and the map images give you an idea where they are located and link to the store’s website.

Houston Thrift Guide: Inner Loop/Beltway

Flamingos Thrift Store – 2814D & 2620B Shepherd South

Houston Thrift Guide by The Spirited Thrifter - Flamingos Thrift Store

MAM Resale  – 1625 Blalock Rd

Houston Thrift Guide

St. Christopher’s Resale Shop – 1650 Blalock Rd.

map image of St. Christopher's resale shop in Houston Texax

The Guild Shop – 2009 Dunlavy St.

Houston Thrift Guide

The Assistance League Thrift Shop – 1902 Commonwealth St.

Houston Thrift Guide

The Blue Bird Circle Thrift Store – 615 W Alabama St.

Houston Thrift Guide

The Charity Guild Shop  – 1203 Lovett Blvd

Houston Thrift Guide

Sunshine Resale Shop – 5413 Bellaire Blvd

Houston Thrift Guide

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop -5236 Cedar St. Houston Thrift Guide

The Cottage Shop – 811 Westheimer Rd

Houston Thrift Guide

Value Village Texas – 705 W 23rd St.Houston Thrift Guide

Houston Thrift Guide: Houston West

Pennywise Resale Shop – several location listed hereHouston Thrift Guide

Pennywise Store – 323 S Mason Road, Katy (this one does not show up in my maps app for some reason so I’m including it here!)

Pennywise Resale Store on 323 S. Mason Road in Katy, TX


Goodwill – Goodwill Stores are all over the place and there are great items to be found at them all! Go frequently, you never know!Houston Thrift Guide

Katy Christian Ministries Thrift Shop – 5510 1st St., KatyHouston Thrift Guide

College Station Thrift Stores – Alice’s Attic and Sweet Repeat Resale

Houston Thrift Guide by The Spirited Thrifter - College Station stores including Alice's Attic and Sweet Repeat Resale

Houston Thrift Guide: Houston North

TEAM Tomball Resale Shop – 300 W Main St., TomballHouston Thrift Guide

Family Thrift Center – 4705 Highway 6 NorthHouston Thrift Guide

Houston Thrift Guide: Houston South

The Opportunity Shop at Second Mile – 1135 Highway 90A W Missouri City

Map location of the Opportunity Shop at Second Mile Missions in Houston, TX

Youth Assistance Thrift Store – 414 E Highway 90A, Richmond (and there’s a Pennywise right across the road)Houston Thrift Guide

Family Thrift Center Outlet – 6769 Highway 6 SouthHouston Thrift Guide

Houston Thrift Guide: Houston East

To be continued….!


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Houston Thrift Guide