Just in case you ever get tired of margaritas, here is a recipe for another favourite drink – the Wine Slushie, just in time for Wine Wednesday! (that’s a thing, right?)

Wine Slushie Recipe
Enjoying my wine slushie pool slide in a plastic cup! Them’s the pool rules!

Wine Slushie Recipe

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I don’t feel like muddling and mixing fancy cocktails, yet a glass of wine alone doesn’t hit the spot. Enter the Wine Slushie! It’s as refreshing as a margarita but easier to make because there’s no real measuring, unless you’re meticulous; then go for it. All you need for a Wine Slushie is:

  • a blender (I heart my Ninja!)
  • white wine
  • frozen fruit of your choice
  • fresh fruit (optional)

And my secret special ingredient which I’ll tell you about in a minute.

What kind of wine should you use in a Wine Slushie?

I like white wine in my Wine Slushies and other than that, the field is wide open! You see, Wine Slushies take on the taste of whatever your fruit you blend with the wine (and the secret ingredient). This isn’t the time to break out your sommolier skills! Save that for wine that cost more than two dollars per bottle! đŸ˜› Or, let’s just say you tried out a new box blend and didn’t care for it… don’t discard the wine! Save it and use for wine slushies! Waste not, want not!

How to Make a Wine Slushie

Wine Slushie Recipe
Here are the fixings I used for my Wine Slushie: Trader Joe’s $2 Pinot Grigio, frozen mango chunks, fresh strawberries and the secret ingredient!

Like I said, I don’t really measure when I make a Wine Slushie. Free-styling it makes me feel like an authentic bartender! HA – I’m just lazy.  I added about 1 cup of frozen mango and about 1/2 cup of fresh strawberries, cored and sliced in half, to my Ninja. Next, I filled up the carafe to the “max fill line” with wine which was about 1 1/2 cups or 12oz.

Wine Slushie Recipe
Action shot of mediocre wine about to be made into something delicious!
Wine Slushie Recipe
Next step, blend it all up till smooth! Takes about 30 seconds. Did I mention I love my Ninja!

Pour your blended bevvie into a glass or two and NOW it’s time for the secret ingredient…

Wine Slushie Recipe
Liqueur! A little splash of liqueur elevates your basic Wine Slushie to a bonafide cocktail!
Wine Slushie Recipe
A little liqueur goes a long way!

I happened to have Blue Curacao liqueur so that’s what I used. Not only does it have a lovely contrasting blue colour, it has a citrus flavour which goes well with Wine Slushie. (Every time I say “slushie” I feel like I’m a gourmand at 7-11.) I have also used Sortilege, Amaretto, and Chambord which were all delicious. Use what you have on hand – in fact, this is the perfect way to use up the little bits you have left after mixing other cocktails. I do recommend a sweet liqueur as opposed to a straight-up spirit to keep it nice and easy to drink. Drizzle about half an ounce on top and don’t worry about stirring it up – just let it mix as you sip.

Wine Slushie Recipe
Look at that colour!
Wine Slushie Recipe
Garnish with a slice of fruit!

One more close up…

Wine Slushie Recipe
You is sweet. You is pretty. You is refreshing.

You might find other Wine Slushie recipes that are more specific about wine and fruit and flavourings but just like fashion, I prefer to let people try things out and find out for themselves what combos they prefer. It’s a matter of personal style, personal cocktail style! Which is your favourite combo of wine and frozen fruit? Let me know in the comments below so I know what to try next – after all, the hottest month of the year in Houston isn’t even here yet!

xoxo Nicole

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Wine Slushie Recipe

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