I don’t read magazines much anymore in this Pinterest era, but when I do, I always enjoy the ‘look for less’ features BUT – I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this – even the “less” pieces are way more expensive than I would be willing to pay.  Maybe I would splurge on quality basics like denim but even then, when it’s so plentiful at the thrift store, why bother?  My whole raison d’être is looks for less but I thought I might be extra concrete about it in today’s post and show you how I copied a few outfits using thrifted pieces.  If this is enjoyable for you, I would very much welcome suggestions of other outfits to copy – just drop me a line one way or another (except don’t phone because I only answer for Jeremy and my new friend Lisa).  Since I’m now a Texas Trophy Wife, I copied outfits I would actually wear on a day-to-day basis as opposed to work looks.  My new “job” allows jeans and day drinking so I’m basically winning at life these days.  (Jk, I’m bored.  Who wants to talk about OT with me, in jeans and with wine?)

Outfit 1

I actually have no idea how much this outfit from Pinterest would have cost.  I liked the fact that it was on a real size woman because for crying out loud everything looks good on skinny minnies but how are we to know if it will work on the rest of us.  (I’m getting a little tired of this on Instagram, but I digress.)  Before I show my copy, I should mention that this was my first real go with a tripod and remote since my kids have meaningful daily occupation and can’t be my photographers all the time.  I will work out the kinks, please bear with me.

Trying to find my light.  Also, my half-tuck needs work.
That’s better!

My copied outfit features gifted but thrifted Antho brand suede ankle boots (I think they were $10), distressed light wash Old Navy denim $2.50, floral tee $1 and long Bobeau cardi $4.19.  Why not a light cardi, you ask?  Because I don’t have one.  Why would I do that to myself?  I also don’t do chokers and am wearing a delicate thrifted $2 necklace that you can’t see.  You win some and you lose some.  Anyhoo, the total cost for my look for MUCH less is $19.69!  I think this is a fairly simple look to replicate by swapping in similar pieces you have in your closet and if not, you too can thrift this look for under $20!  (FYI, the tee is from Torrid for $28.90 which is actually a pretty good deal, manufacturing notwithstanding.)

Outfit 2

Seeing this Pinterest outfit again, I realize I forgot to don my gifted gold cuff in my copycat!  DANG.  You’ll have to imagine it.

I liked how this outfit lent itself to interpretation.  For example, sneakers (runners, if you’re Canadian) are not my jam but you can easily swap in leopard-print footwear of your choice.  Same thing goes whenever you see an outfit with footwear you would never wear – I’m looking at you stilettos.  Just swap in something that has the same vibe.  I also no longer require coats on the regular so I subbed a grey cardi for a grey coat but you do what you need – I’m looking at you Canadians.  My copycat features $7.70 leopard flats, $10 J Brand cropped denim, $6 striped tee, $2.50 grey cardi, $10 red leather bag and $30 sunnies I got at Winners more than a year ago and have worn countless times since (I always look at the sunnies when I thrift but haven’t found a very good selection here in Houston).  The total cost for my look for MUCH less is $66.20 including those pricey sunglasses.

I’d be willing to bet that her sunglasses alone were more than $66.

Just one last thing about this outfit: stripes and leopard print always look great together, and a pop of red makes the outfit!  Trust me I’m a doctor!

Outfit 3

Through Pinterest, I discovered this lovely Scottish blogger The Little Magpie.  I tend to like magpies 😉 even when they’re tiny and 25.  Her outfit is actually built around a jumpsuit/romper and a crop top.  My wardrobe has no such pieces so I made do with what I had:

I just can’t quite capture that youthful attitude.

I am wearing my $15 Korkease clogs, $16.15 Babaton joggers from Thred Up, $3.84 tank top, $30 sunnies and $25 black leather jacket for a grand total of $89.99.  This might sound high until you consider the last leather jacket you bought for $25… no?  That’s right, that would NOT happen unless you’re shopping secondhand.  I win again.

It’s hard to be all serious when there’s a mountain dog who’s channeling better attitude than you.
My attempt at interesting self-photography.

There you have it – three looks for much less!  Once again, do share if you have other looks you’d like to see copied for MUCH less!  I would enjoy the challenge of trying to find specific pieces thrifted – especially for any skeptics out there who might believe that it can’t be done!!


  1. This is an AWESOME idea for a feature! Love the first look (both the original and your copycat!)

    • nicole

      Thank you! My sis told me she wants to find pieces to recreate the first look too! I plan to post more looks for MUCH less but only if when people read it they promise to say “MUCH” in a wrestling announcer voice. 😉

  2. Love the copy cats. My favourite line is “since my kids have meaningful daily occupation…”

    • nicole

      3 out of 4 of us! hahaha My trophy wife days may be coming to a close so I better be quiet and enjoy it!!

    • nicole

      Aw thanks!! And we need to chat about January’s thrift adventure!!!

  3. Kimberly

    Lol! And Jeremy loves it that you answer his calls! And this is such a great idea, Nicole! Love those shoes in that last picture – they are fantastic! I don’t have any good outfits off the top of my head for you to do for less, but I will keep my eyes open!

    • nicole

      Thank you!! I will do more posts and will continue to answer Jeremy’s calls. Thought of you today when I saw some Frye boots in the shoe store!

  4. Love these type of posts, Nicole! You are such an inspiration. I love how you took the idea, yet made the outfit your personal style too. I love thrifting, and dressing my style, using outfit inspiration from internet examples. Thanks for sharing your humour with us too!

    • nicole

      Why thank you!! I’m hoping that others see that if I can do it, they can do it too. It’s not about the exact copy, it’s about the interpretation. I also of course want people to know that you can look and feel great on a small budget. Thanks always for commenting!

  5. Love these outfits! Looking forward to seeing more!

    • nicole

      More will be coming! A girl needs a reason to thrift and take mediocre photos of herself using a cheap remote and tripod! HA!

  6. Kathleen S

    Great post! If you are looking for other ideas, what about different looks using some of the same pieces.

    • nicole

      Thank you! Yes, that is on my “to blog” list too. Many moons ago I did a series called “5 days 5 ways” and I think it might be time to revisit the subject but I don’t want to just use jeans or basics because that feels like cheating. Any suggestions of pieces to start with?

    • nicole

      Thanks! And agreed – thrifting is the medium to originality, IMHO!