Today on Instagram Stories, I shared a little idea I had…this morning! I have been wondering what to do now that Pinspired March is over for another year. I love love love the interaction and entertainment that happens throughout March and though I can’t recreate pinned outfits every day, I DO get dressed every day… and so the idea was born to do something like Project 365 – but with thrifted outfits!

Project Thrift 365 by The Spirited Thrifter #projectthrift365 #project365 #thriftedfashion #thrifted #fashion
My name is Nicole. I am spirited. I make big decisions swiftly. ūüėÄ

In case you are not familiar, Project 365 is a popular photography challenge where people take one photo a day and post it to Instagram. There are MILLIONS of such photos and I’m sure that each one of them carries a story from the eye of the beholder. I have also heard of food bloggers who post what they eat every day or others who take a 1 second video every day. It’s all very intriguing to me, and I suppose the point is to help us all be more mindful, present, and intentional in our everyday lives.

 The Spirited Thrifter #projectthrift365 #project365 #thriftedfashion #thrifted #fashion
This was me being mindful on my walk this morning, before the idea started to take shape.

SO. What I plan to do, starting today, April 11th because why not, is to post my daily outfits on Instagram. You might be thinking, doesn’t she already do this? To answer that: no, I don’t post every day. I tend to wait for an outfit that’s “Instagram worthy” whatever that means, and in the course of that line of thinking, I get complacent with my style. It happens to the best of us! I rely on the same outfit formulas, use the same trifecta of accessories, neglect to¬† wear “tricky” pieces, etc. etc. This is why I think my little project could impact more than just me; I doubt I’m the only one who gets complacent with style. And I believe that my project could be done by anyone, regardless of the size of your wardrobe.

Project Thrift 365 by The Spirited Thrifter #projectthrift365 #project365 #thriftedfashion #thrifted #fashion
By this point, I was on my way to a spouses’ coffee date with wonderful international women, having just texted my big sis with the classic Nicole: “I am pondering starting a new project.”

For Project THRIFT 365, I apsire to wear something new and different every day, and I’ve got the thrifted wardrobe that makes that possible! If you have a minimalist or limited wardrobe, that’s okay. I betcha you can still change things up in some little way to make each outfit new. Why does novelty matter? Well, it actually benefits our brains – gets the ol dopamine flowing, stimulates our creativity, makes us think outside of the box. Who knows, maybe that will spill over into other areas of life too!

The Spirited Thrifter #projectthrift365 #project365 #thriftedfashion #thrifted #fashion
My creative juices were already flowing as I walked around this poor lady’s home and took photos of all her pretty flowers!

The second purpose of #projectthrift365 (testing out some hashtags here!) is to pay attention to how I FEEL in my daily outfits so that I can sharpen my inside-outside congruence which will ultimately lead to more acceptance of myself and my style, more contentment, and more peace. At least that’s the plan! The fringe benefit is that it will help me decide which pieces to keep and which to swap, sell, or donate. I’m thinking of rating my outfits, asking for your rating, or otherwise commenting on this aspect of getting dressed on a daily basis.

Project Thrift 365 by The Spirited Thrifter #projectthrift365 #project365 #thriftedfashion #thrifted #fashion
Flowers on my walk, flowers on my skirt, flowers at my event… congruence for today!

Am I going to stop thrifting during this project and only shop my closet? Absolutely NOT. Thrifting is therapy for me – cheap therapy. So long as my budget and closet can handle my thrifting, I will keep at it. In case you’re new here, I have done capsule-type challenges or other style challenges in the past – there was the 5 Days 5 Ways series, the 10-Item Wardrobe, the grab-and-go challenge, the Pantone colour challenge, Black Out Style challenge, the Mix not Match posts, the Tuesday Try series, and the Monday Style Prompt series. I’m not after that kind of specific challenge this time. I just want to be reminded that every day is a new beginning, a fresh start that deserves a little OOTD vitality and inspiration! That being said, I’m sure throughout the course of the next year, there will be some trying on and mixing and matching that will hopefully encourage y’all to do the same. FURTHERMORE, if you stumble across a tricky piece in your own closet and want my help in finding new ways to wear it – send me a message! That would be SO fun! That is the stuff of Instagram dreams and I AM HERE FOR IT!

Project Thrift 365 by The Spirited Thrifter #projectthrift365 #project365 #thriftedfashion #thrifted #fashion
Momentarily wished I was wearing an outfit that matched these flowers…

Of course, as Fashion Revolution Week approaches, I implore you ALL to consider second hand first when it comes to shopping! April is the perfect month to watch The True Cost on Netflix and educate yourself on fast fashion. If you’ve never done a thrifting challenge, try it! If you’re not ready to go full thrift, try other sustainable strategies – buy local, buy handmade or sustainable brands, buy higher quality, buy less, wear longer, and donate or swap the pieces you’re done with. Don’t waste time feeling guilty, just do something a little new and a little different! Project Thrift 365 ought to help with that! It ought to help us all hone our style and lead us to more sustainable choices! WHO’S WITH ME?!

Project Thrift 365 by The Spirited Thrifter #projectthrift365 #project365 #thriftedfashion #thrifted #fashion
I then skulked around my friend Lisa’s yard and took pictures of HER flowers!

I should clarify, this is not the ONLY thing I’ll be doing all year long. I still have blog posts planned – including one featuring said friend Lisa! I still plan to share thrift hauls, cocktails, and whatever else strikes my fancy.¬†If you want to follow along, Project Thrift 365 is mostly going to be happening on Instagram, co-posted to Facebook. You do NOT need to have an Instagram or Facebook account to see what I post but you do need one or the other to play along. Tag me @thespiritedthrifter or #projectthrift365 (because #projectthriftedootd365 is too long!). I’ll share your shots and ask for your feedback/rating – maybe not every single day in a formal way, but I welcome your comments every single day!

This is going to be fun! I’m excited!

xoxo Nicole

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Project Thrift 365 by The Spirited Thrifter #projectthrift365 #project365 #thriftedfashion #thrifted #fashion

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  1. Wow. What a great idea. I love your style and I’m looking forward to your outfit posts. I challenged myself to remix my wardrobe and not repeat an outfit in 2019 – #norepeatin2019. My closet is made up of 75% thrifted items and 25% retail purchases. There are many days that my outfit is made up of thrifted only items. Count me in for #projectthrift365.

    • nicole

      I LOVE that hashtag and will add it to my list! So glad you’re following along and joining in! I think it’s going to be fun!!

  2. Love this idea Рcan’t wait to see what you’re wearing each day!

  3. nicole

    Once you start thrifting, your percentage thrifted wardrobe will slowly increase!! It’s hard to go back to regular retail, and why would you?!! Thanks for following along – I’m mostly posting on Insta and coposting to Facebook until I get my blogging feet back under me. xoxo

  4. What a cool idea! My boyfriend and i have started dumpster diving. Each time we go out, we find clothing that has been thrown away. Crazy! So we rescue them and sell them in Mercari. Even our shipping packages we find in the dumpsters. It’s fun and we make a 100% profit from it.
    Check out what we are selling on Mercari!
    And check us out on youtube!

    • nicole

      That’s great! The reselling community is getting stronger and stronger which is wonderful to see. We as a society need to be much better at using what we have, consuming less, reusing and upcycling – the whole gambit! Best luck in your tossed treasure hunts!