To conclude the Sisters Thrift series, I’m taking you with me to Goodwill – actually to *several* Goodwill stores because my sister Shannon and I hit up our local faves throughout our time together. Goodwill Houston has good variety but you have to go frequently to find the good stuff! Here’s a photo diary of our Goodwill hunting!

Goodwill Shoes I Didn’t Buy

I don’t live the life these shoes belong in but they sure were nice.
Too small otherwise I would have CREATED the life these belong in!
Cole Haan clogs – would be good if I were a cloggy person, but I’m not (I passed on my Ugg clogs)
Pretty Oxfords, not my size.
A smidgen too small but I loved the perforated leather.
Loved the colour but my goodness that’s a Texas sized bow. #toomuch
I always want Salvatore Ferragamo but these were a little boring. Can’t believe I just said that.
Admired these but didn’t get. #thriftregret
Too small, boo hoo, because otherwise I can’t resist floral shoes.
Almost bought these then thought the forefoot strap might cut into my bunions. 🙁
Almost bought these too but they were a bit big so I decided to leave them to thrill another thrifter!

Goodwill Clothes I Didn’t Buy

Loved the colours buttttt why is there a a cluster of blooms at the, er, middle??
This was the quintessential ladylike dress WITH POCKETS but it was a tad too formal for my life. Sigh.
Vintage perfection… too small! CRYING.
Loved the embroidered butterflies but this was too small.
(Please hum the circus clown song while you view this photo.)
but this was too small.

Goodwill Things I Bought

I decided to get these black leather sandals instead of the others because they are Ecco which is an excellent brand and they were in great shape. I can always use more black sandals.
Anne Klein striped tote. Followed me right out of the store!
This UK brand Monsoon blouse was so ladylike and pretty, and 75% off!
And the vintage green raw silk skirt was $4.20!
And here it is in action for #PinspiredMarch!
I made the mistake of looking through the Anthro skirts before thrifting which made me want all the skirts! I got this coral one for $4.20.
It looked good with all the tops including this Target brand tee I scored for $1.50.
J Crew linen skirt #NWT WITH POCKETS for $1.50 plus a polka dot tee for $4.20.
Banana Republic red striped tee for $1.50!
And here is the yellow skirt for Pinspired March!
The Spirited Mini found a few things including a cool denim jacket to grow into!
Loved this $4.20 H&M top.
Loved the colour of this Loft dress but now I’m second-guessing if the embroidered flowers are “me”???
Here it is in action. What do you think?
Olive& Oak simple black dress for $8. It wasn’t on sale but I figured I would get plenty of wear out of it and it’s already been featured twice on Pinspired March!
And here it is as a sullen Moira.
I happened to check the jewelry racks and found this Kate Spade faceted necklace for $5. I know this style is less trendy these days but heck if I care.
Sisters Thrift at KCM Resale Store
Here it is looking good with a $2 Chico’s top from KCM.
J Crew necklace in colours that I LURRRVVVEEE for $5. Already worn many times. I wore it today on Insta Story – if you go look before Saturday afternoon, you’ll catch a glimpse!
I *had* to get this vintage coat for $13.
And last but not least, Shannon bought me a set of 4 beautiful irridescent glasses that make me happy and keep me company until she comes again in May!! We will *probably* be fresh out and ready to thrift again by then!

In Conclusion…

Goodwill is a good go-to for thrifting! There’s plenty to thrift or not-thrift and either way, it will be a good time!

xoxo Nicole

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  1. Great shopping, and I’m sure you’ll end up wearing that floral dress a lot. It’ll be great for fall in Tx!