March is nearing to a close *already* so I hope you have been following along on Instagram or Facebook for THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR: Pinspired March!

Pinspired March 2018 Recap
One of my fave shots from Pinspired March 2018!

This is my SIXTH year doing Pinspired March and every year my posing gets betterworsevery serious… the same. 😉 Pinspired March remains a way for me to play with my thrifted wardrobe and find new inspiration for how to style my clothes. And it is just a fun time for me, my family, and everyone who follows along!

Pinspired March 2017 recap
One of my fave shots from Pinspired March 2017 which spanned two countries and included my introduction to Houston. This recap will always hold a special place in my heart.

I have had lots of questions this year about how I go about doing Pinspired March so I thought I would take some time to share a bit about my process for anyone interested.

Pinspired March 2016 recap
This was the fan fave from Pinspired March 2016 and was an early indication of my committment to the concept – I dragged my daughter’s bike into the spidery bushes for this shot!!

Pinspired March on Pinterest

I made the decision in about 2015 to keep my Pinspired March boards secret on Pinterest. The reason is simple: I want to keep the looks a suprise! I have plenty of other boards related to The Spirited Thrifter on Pinterest – my thrift hunting list, thrift related pins, recipes, cocktails, etc. I do find the looks I copy on Pinterest though and save them on a new board each year. I am never able to copy every inspirational pin and I am always tempted to keep doing Pinspired looks in perpetuity but…

Pinspired March Takes Time

It can be a bit of a scramble to find a pin I want to copy, find the pieces to copy it with, get my son to take the shot – which often requires several takes – make the collage and post it. I absolutely love doing it but, you may notice, it swallows up most of my social media time leaving barely any to blog. I like the once a year tradition of Pinspired March though I am pondering doing a weekly feature throughout the year… stay tuned!

Pinspired March recap 2015
River has always been popular in the Pinspired March looks, even back in 2015! That year included some fun pins where I really started copying the poses and details included a special Sons of Anarchy look, or should I say lewk.

Pinspired March Chicken or Egg?

People routinely ask whether I find a pin and then go thrifting for pieces to copy it, or look for a pin featuring a piece I already have. The answer is: BOTH! Most of the time, I search for pins with specific garments and see what I can find.

The Making of Pinspired March
That is how I happened to find a pin with my exact tomato-print skirt! It was like winning the lottery!

But I also find pins that I would like to copy and keep an eye out for suitable pieces while thrifting.

The Making of Pinspired March
If I could find pieces to copy this pin with Mr. Style, I would be ECSTATIC!

Then there are the pins I stumble upon as I am browsing Pinterest that pique my interest for re-creation with my thrifted pieces…

The Making of Pinspired March
Here’s on example that I stumbled upon and thought, I have just the pieces to copy this look!
The Making of Pinspired March
Actually, this year’s inaugural post was a stumble-upon!
The Making of Pinspired March
And one of my favourite Pinspired March shots of all time was based on a pin I happened on while browsing for recipes!

I don’t believe the pieces or the poses have to be an exact match during Pinspired March despite that my middle son calls this “Matching March”!! It all depends on how it comes together which varies by day because I do not draft and schedule posts in advance though I might take an extra shot or two on weekends or on location…

The Making of Pinspired March
One of my fave shots from this year! I knew I would only be at the beach once during March so I took a few different beach shots while I was there!

Pinspired March Outtakes

This year, I’ve really enjoyed posting outtakes, outfit details and other fun behind the scenes shots on Instagram Stories.

Behind the Scenes of Pinspired March
These outtakes were THE BEST. My hubby stole the show!

That is where a lot of the magic happens and I’m so glad to be able to share that with others who enjoy this time of year!

The Making of Pinspired March
I distinctly recall this photo from 2014 which was so well received and tuned me to the fact that y’all like closely matching copycat outfits! I wish I had saved some outtakes from my very first year of Pinspired March!

Pinspired March Photographer

The MOST frequent question I get is: who takes your pictures? Although my husband, youngest two kids, and various friends and family have all been enlisted as Pinspired March Photographers, my main photographer since 2014 has been my oldest son, who is now 13.

The Making of Pinspired MArch
He’s been taking Pinspired March photos since he was 8 years old! He is incredibly patient and directive with his mom. I don’t know what his future holds, but with those qualities, I know it will be amazing!

Pinspired March is not only the favourite time of year for most of The Spirited Thrifter followers, it is MY favourite time too! I have so much fun, and every giggle I inspire and smile I entice fills my heart with joy.

Do you have any other burning questions about Pinspired March?! I would be happy to answer them. Meanwhile, I want you to know I appreciate every single person who reads what I write and follows me on any platform. I care less about influence and more about connection, and Pinspired March seems to bring out the best connection. I am grateful!

xoxo Nicole

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  1. Garden Goddess

    You are always so much fun! You go girl!!!

  2. This is so cool and so much fun! I had a blast scrolling through these pics of Nicole being other people! 🙂

    • nicole

      Thank you for reading!! The Pinspired March archives are a blast! It is a good outlet for my inner high school drama club member!! 😀

  3. Loved this insight into Pinspired March, I’ve been enjoying it for years. Your photographers and support staff/show-stealers are delightful.

    I laughed out loud when I saw you two as Moira and David on twitter, absolute gold!

    Thank you for sharing it all.

    • nicole

      Thank you for following along and sharing in the laughs! It is much better enjoyed in good company!! xoxo