I am not sad to see April go.  It was a long, dreary month full of SNOW and stress!  You guys, I was so stressed I missed a monthly “visitor” and then I went into FULL ON PANIC – but thank the Good Lord above, that issue has been “resolved” and we can all have a glass of wine breathe a sigh of relief.  Between that and everything else, life is (temporarily) out of balance.  As an Occupational Therapist, I definitely believe in BALANCE and without my self-care activities (thrifting, blogging), I’m out of whack and it shows.  Luckily, I did manage a bit of thrifting in April which is probably why I didn’t go completely bonkers.  Here’s what I got:

Scored Fidelity denim Stevie crops for $7 and have been living in them on weekends.  They’re worth upwards of $200 regular retail!
Banana Republic shorts for $7 because all I can think about is Texas weather.  BR shorts go for about $70 regular retail.  
Wilfred Free tank $3, retails about $40.
Old Navy charcoal tee, new, for $4 and worth about as much regular retail, but I have a weakness for grey tees and imagined necklace possibilities with this one!!!
My friend also gave me this very Nicole-esque cardi from Anthro! It was free and now selling for around $40 on eBay.  And oooooh look:

Already scheming my next outfit!!!
New leather Rockport sandals, perfect for my kind of feet (!), $11.90 worth at least $100.
And the piece de resistance, Tory Burch wedge flip-flops NEW for $14!!  I was scanning the racks thinking, ‘I wish I could find some nice flip-flops.  I am really going to need new flip flops for Houston.  Maybe I should just splurge on some Tory Burch ones… I wonder what they’re worth regular retail’…!!!  Turns out they’re worth $90 new which I would NEVER pay for flip-flops, even for Tory Burch, but I sure was happy to find them thrifted.

That brings my April total to…

  • Fidelity denim $7 (~$200)
  • BR shorts $7 (~$70)
  • Wildred Free grey tank $3 (~$40)
  • Old Navy charcoal tee $4 (~$4)
  • Anthro-brand cardi $0 (~$40)
  • Rockport leather sandals $11.90 (~$100)
  • Tory Burch wedge flip-flops $14 (~$90)
  • TOTAL: $46.90 

But all that was worth $544, which means I spent an average of 8.5% of the regular retail cost.  Not too shabby for a stressed girl!  Look for these pieces and more coming soon to an Instagram feed near you!  Hang in there with me till all this transition is done!! xoxoxo


  1. Pam Scott

    I recently bought a Vera Bradley crossbody bag for $2.00, a Coach makeup bag for 50 cents, and Sam Edelman Circus slip-ons for 7.99.

    • nicole

      And that is exactly why thrifting is AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You got some good deals this month. I love that cardigan, it is absolutely beautiful. The jean carpis are also great, I am always on the lookout for designer denim at thrift stores (usually find it too) and now have another brand to try out.

    • nicole

      Thanks Emmy! Yes, I made out well despite not having much time to thrift! Can’t wait till this transition is done and I get to explore thrifting in TX!

  3. I’m excited for you to move to the States just for shopping! As an ex-pat myself who visits home often, the price differences can be incredible. Of course I tell my family that they shouldn’t complain too much b/c at least they have healthcare!

    • nicole

      Thanks for the perspective!! I haven’t shopped much there except on the CDN dollar and that never works out in my favour! I’m a little nervous about the whole healthcare thing but we have a plan through my husband’s company so it should all be fine. I hope. :D!!! Can’t wait to thrift there!!!

  4. Hi! Where did you find the wilfred tank for $3?? Thanks! 🙂