It’s hot y’all. Hot in Houston, hot in Canada, record-breaking hot all over the world and thus it’s time to settle this important fashion matter once and for all: can moms wear short shorts?

Can moms wear shorts
Does “she wear short shorts” include moms?!

Shorts for Moms

Before I give the answer to the question, “Can moms wear short shorts?” let’s discuss it for a minute.  Firstly, I would like to clarify who I’m talking about here.

Moms = all moms of any age and any size

OR, what I really mean when I say “moms” is all women whether you have children, fur babies or no babies. This matter is relevant to every woman who’s been sweating in the heat of summer and wondered if she can ‘get away’ with wearing shorts.

Can Moms Wear Shorts?

Next, I’d like to clarify what I mean by short shorts.

Short = not booty shorts, not capris; anything above the knee but below the cheeks

Because that seems to be what women have a problem with wearing: anything above the knee. We think our thighs are too chubby too much cellulite not enough muscle too white too _____.  (fill in the blank with your complaint)

Can moms wear shorts?
These are shorts.
Can moms wear shorts.
These are also shorts. Longer, but still shorts.

Now that I’ve clarified terms…

YES, Moms Can Wear Shorts!

Ladies, there is no reason not to wear shorts. Most of us have cellulite, most of us don’t have the legs we wish we had. Most of us are only paying attention to our own legs!

Can moms wear shorts?
Which means that we should be dressing for ourselves.

Before you go saying, “but you have nice legs,” let me say, it’s not about the legs. It’s about finding shorts that fit your body.

Can moms wear shorts?
I have gained nearly 20lbs since this photo. I’m not thrilled about that but I’m not going to let it stop me from wearing shorts.

Some people don’t like shorts because they ride up. Other people don’t like skirts because their thighs chafe. Those are FIT factors that are good to consider when buying clothes but they can be addressed.

Can moms wear shorts?
I really love these flowy shorts but learned they do ride up in the middle when I do a lot of walking, so now I don’t wear them walking. Problem solved.

Just don’t rule out shorts because they’re shorts. Don’t stop yourself from wearing shorts because of your legs. Don’t think you can’t wear shorts because someone might be looking at your legs or thinking you shouldn’t be wearing them.

Can moms wear shorts
L.E. Bowman poetry and Kathryn Bishop Art

Moms and women everywhere, this isn’t about shorts at all. This is about changing our paradigm so that the next generation doesn’t even need to know what cellulite is, that body positivity is a cultural response to the opposite. So that they only thing they think about is: what do I feel comfortable wearing? And then they wear it, freely.

Can moms wear shorts
Yes, I can wear shorts and so can you, Daughter. We can wear anything we damn well please.

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Can moms wear shorts?


  1. Do over… Much to our daughter’s chagrin my wife does. Because they are comfortable and she knows she looks great.

    • nicole

      haha how old is your dtr? I’m with you wife, and she’s sending a good message whether it’s received (yet) or not! When our girls are adults they’ll realize the gift of a healthy role model. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I haven’t worn shorts in over 20 years other than around my house. I have really large legs and tons of spider veins that I started getting when I was 20. I just would never feel comfortable in shorts so I just tough it out in jeans in the Arkansas heat and humidity. Thank you for advocating that every woman should feel comfortable in their bodies. It would be great if all our daughters grew up feeling confidant in their own skin.

    • nicole

      Thanks for your comment! I do understand that you (and many women) just don’t feel comfortable in shorts – and it’s what YOU feel comfortable in that counts. That being said, I always wonder if the next generation just won’t care because they’ve been raised in a body-positive culture (hopefully, optimistically). I’d love to see a world we all just wear what we want, legs and veins and everything else be damned (along with the opinions of others)!! Thank you again. It is my mission that my daughter and every other child is confident, free and content. xoxox Nicole

  3. Love your style! I’m obsessed to wearing shorts. I love how you styled them. I’m so inspired and can’t wait to try these styles. Thanks a lot for sharing.