January 31st.  Last day of Black Out Style.  I issued a colour challenge earlier in the week and put together my most colourful outfit yesterday because I had stuff going on and felt it might be cheating to put a super colourful outfit together for Friday that nobody would see.  Yesterday, I wore it out and about and waited to see if I would get sideways glances (is she a package of crayons?).  The good news is no one put on sunglasses upon seeing me.  The better news is I felt great and full of colourful joy on a cold January day!  AND I finally got to wear my thrifted vintage blazer!

Red vintage blazer $3, leather booties $7 VV Boutique
You don’t even notice the snow in the presence of such bright primary colours!
My outfit wasn’t premeditated!  In fact, I followed my own steps and was running late as usual so I just grabbed the three truest primary colours in my closet and added the scarf because Anthropologie makes everything okay.  
 My scarf, my love. xoxox
I tried a few different accessories then settled on subtle.
Maybe a bit crayola, but it turns out I wasn’t the only one who went for primary colours!  Several stylish ladies took the challenge within the challenge and boasted their best brights!
Yellow and blue were meant to be.

Thanks to Colour Crazy challengers She Does Create, Clothes But Not Quite, Loop Looks, Style on Target, Sunshine SLP and my other friends!  I know there are still a few gals yet to share a shot of their closing statement on January Black Out Style, and be sure to check out my co-host Sarah’s Real Life for her last look

Here is the final list of Black Out Style Sisters:

Did I miss you?!  Because tomorrow I will be putting all the names and bonus entries into the hat and drawing for the winner of the White Fox Pendant necklace!!!!  For everyone who set black aside and jumped into this challenge, THANK YOU!  It has been a blast to see all the tweets and Intagram pics and has infused much needed warmth, colour and fun into bleak January winter! 

How did YOU find the Black Out Style challenge?  For me, it started off hard but got easier and easier and I now think I could keep going!  But I won’t because tomorrow is BLACK SATURDAY and I have a new challenge in mind for February!  Stay tuned!

 Black Out Style may be over, but I’m not done with all these colourful pieces!
See you soon!


  1. Ugh, I just typed a whole comment and then it disappeared when I hit publish! I’ll try again…

    I almost wish I had done the full month – the one week I did was super easy. I think it helps that I have a lot of non-black neutral options, so I didn’t feel too bright/colorful! But some of my favorite things are black, so I would feel bad to neglect them for a whole month. I guess that’s the pros and cons of style challenges!

    • yep! Absence makes the heart grow fonder! With a thrifted wardrobe, you can do things like ignore them for a month, buy 76 new things and wear them all! Who knows, maybe this will become an annual thing!

  2. I am in for #BlackSaturday! See you Instagram World!

    I too found it a challenge when the month started…I realized that while with the exception of one pair of black leggings all my bottoms are colours and neutrals most of my tops were black! When did that happen! I hit VV and avoided looking at black! I found several options…woohoo! Interestingly enough, my warmer clothes are mostly colour!

    Can you give us a February hint!!!!?????

    • Thanks Joelle for participating and so sorry to hear of your health challenges! I’m so impressed that you even got dressed let alone in such fab colour!

  3. Thanks for hosting such a fun challenge! I’m glad I found it and participated. It really helped me think of ways to wear my wardrobe differently.

    Today, though, I’m in black yoga pants for a lazy Saturday snow day at home 🙂