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  • Personal Thrift Shopper – Are you intrigued by the possibility of great deals but intimidated by thrift stores?  I can safely say I have A LOT of thrift shopping experience and would love to accompany you shopping at your store of choice, help you select pieces to try then refine your final selections.   Clients typically shop for about 3 hours and spend an average cost per piece of $10 or less including my fee.  What are you waiting for?! Book me now! Appointments available in Houston and area.
  • Closet Consultation – Need help organizing your closet so you know what you have and what you need and what you need to let go of?  Don’t go through this alone! Appointments available in Houston and area or via Skype.
  • Stylist – I help clients shop their closets to find new outfits, create outfit formulas that take the guesswork out of getting dressed, and identify any wardrobe holes that need filling!  Then we can go thrifting! Appointments available in Houston and area or via Skype.
  • Clothing Swap Party – I will help you host a clothing swap, the latest trend in sustainable, affordable fashion. Appointments available in Houston and area.

Other ideas?  Contact me and let’s discuss them!



I had never shopped at a thrifting store before Nicole introduced me to Value Village. There is certainly an art to thrift shopping and Nicole knows how to do it. Everything from style, good value, fashion staples, trends, organization and how to shop the store are part of the thrifting experience. She encouraged me to try styles I never would have picked up and my personal style and wardrobe have developed as a result. Thrifting is so fun, cost effective and practical. I love shopping and I can do it guilt free since it’s so inexpensive. Now one of my favourite ‘girls night out’ activities is meeting friends at a thrift store to see what treasures we can find. I highly recommend getting Nicole to introduce you to this approach to a perfect wardrobe. 


I’m a Virgo – I consider myself a fairly organized person (despite my grandmother’s [inappropriately worded] protests), and Nicole can vouch for that. However – when it comes to my closet, I am a disaster, I am more of a ‘hang it up once and then move it from a clean clothes hamper to a dirty clothes hamper’ kind of person. Actually, in all honestly, when it comes to my room I am a disaster – I sit here days away from my 25th birthday and I can rarely see the floor of my room, but I digress…My closet was a mess and then I was lucky enough to have Nicole come to my rescueShe came over one evening and spent bottles of wine hours patiently going through each item of clothing that I was unsure about (and there were A LOT of them) and color-coordinating and sorting everything, taking it from chaos to order. Nicole was also very helpful in giving me outfit ideas, and new ideas of how to re-work my favorite pieces so I am not always wearing them in the same, predictable ways. She even made a list of staples that I was missing in my wardrobe that would round it out a bit better. 

It has been 3 months since that fateful May night and it has been surprisingly easy to maintain the order that Nicole created. It is easier (and quicker!) for me to find items and put outfits together, which allows me to sleep in as late as possible and still arrive at work looking professional and pulled-together. My only complaint is that after this Nicole still doesn’t have the entire contents of my closet memorized – last time we were at VV she kept trying to get me to buy belts that I already had. And white shirts. And Purple T-Shirts. Get it together, Nicole.


Must start off saying I am one of the biggest plain Janes ever!  Anyone who knows me would be shocked if I wore color, which is where my miracle worker Nicole comes in

Met at VV to find Nicole already picking out amazingly low priced pieces with my color palette in mind!  She was really organized and went through each section of store, building foundation to each outfit with accessories. She listened to me describe the size and metal types of jewelry I liked, finding numerous bracelets, earrings and necklaces I will definitely wear.  Now I know what an “arm party” is too (wearing multiple bracelets simultaneously)!!! Moving on to the scarf section, she pointed out the different types of fabric, recommending the best texture/color for me, including mini lessons on tying them! She picked out a good diversity of shirts and pants, and gave a variety of ways to layer and complete outfits.  I felt confident purchasing everything with this talented and honest, style professional!


as for testimonial i cant praise you highly enuf!
was such a fun time for me – not my usual vv experience thats for sure! 
i will say that you were super professional, very kind, and really really knowledgeable about what actually ‘goes’ together and what would look good on me. in fact there wasn’t a single thing you picked out that didn’t work! 
i can see myself ‘booking’ an appointment with my wardrobe therapist (that’s you) a couple times a year for a tune-up!
i cant wait to start wearing my new stuff! thank you again so much for being so generous with your time and expertise.

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