One Hour Thrift Stop

I could also use a grey hoodie sweater - STRICTLY FOR CAMPING - but this one was a little stretched out in the hem...

I ventured out today for a little lunch time sangria, I mean, the year end work luncheon.  (It’s not my fault I’m not on the clock!)  It was great to see all my work peeps AND I had enough time afterwards to make a quick thrift stop and spend an hour in the Salvation Army Thrift Shop!!!  I didn’t even need the wheels!  I wasn’t

Thrifted Dress Diva


Whenever I change my clothes mid-day, I feel like a diva.  Basically, it makes me feel like I’m hosting the Academy Awards, or doing a costume change mid-concert like a rock star. Etc.  So when I wore THREE different dresses in two days, I felt like the Thrifted-Dress-Diva of the North… Diva or not, I love all these dresses, well, all dresses period!  Happy weekend

Thrifting on Wheels


Thrifting is stress relief for me, whether or not I buy anything (er, I usually do).  B.C. (Before Crutches), I would go thrifting two or three times a month depending on life.  A.C. I hadn’t gone in a whole MONTH and was starting to go crazy and feel rather jealous of all my local peeps posting their thrifting adventures.  CRUEL.  Finally, on Monday, I met

Sleeveless Chambray at the Parade


I live just outside a relatively small town and yesterday was the annual parade which was as good a reason as any to wear something “new” – my sleeveless chambray! The good time didn’t end with the parade!  I went and relaxed on my friend’s deck with wine slushies since I so unfortunately can’t manage taking the kids to the midway! The sun was hot

Dessert Dressing


One of the first things I did after having foot surgery was pain management via on-line browsing.  That combined with those heavy-duty initial pain meds inevitably led me to the logical on-line purchase of … a bathing suit.  Why on God’s green earth I *had* to have bathing suit just now, I have no idea.  I can’t even get my foot wet for another 3

Knotty Shirt


I have a confession to make.  I tried something new on Tuesday and I discovered I like it.  It’s true: I like it knotty.  Real knotty. I have another confession to make.  I didn’t think I was going to like it!  I thought tying a knot in your tee was some trendy fashion bloggery thing that just wouldn’t translate to an older wider audience…  I couldn’t

Dress Your Age?


I absolutely loved the post “24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear” by Warning: Curves Ahead and I just happened to read it on a day I wore a dress that was probably meant for a woman half my age… But I don’t care.  Is it a bit short for a 42-year-old woman?  Don’t care.  Is acid wash for twenty-somethings?  Don’t care.  Is American Eagle a

Palettes in June


A 180-degree change in pace plus wardrobe restrictions (see you in 6 weeks, Pants) necessitates a different approach to style in June!  While perusing Pinterest (thank you Internet for distracting me from my current state), I came across simple colour palettes and thought, EUREKA, that’s new inspiration for styling my existing wardrobe (I will be shopping my closet until I can manage a thrifting trip)!  Skirts and

Post-Op Style


Well, despite one day of accidentally over-doing it and bragging all over social media then paying for it, I think I’m officially past the stay-in-jammies-all-day stage of post-op bunion surgery recovery.  Sure it takes a little longer than usual to get ready, but for the past three days I’ve had “events” and have found ways to style around my cast, crutches and even a wheelchair

May Thrift Haul


May was/is a weird month.  I started it in a mad rush to wrap up work two months early for what I thought would be my surgery date on May 5th which, at the last minute, was postponed till the 19th.  What this means thrift-wise is that I “prepared” twice to stop thrifting for a while and had some stress-relief thrifting after the first let-down AND was