Kelowna VV Boutique


I have been in the wild for a week without cell service, dealing with near constant rain, mosquitoes and an excessive number of SLUGS.  Obv I needed a therapeutic thrift stop as soon as I returned to civilization!  I hit the Kelowna Value Village and though I didn’t have enough time to do a thorough browse, I found a couple of things off my thrift-hunting

Striped Maxi Love


My kids attended Vacation Bible School this week.  What’s a mom to do with 3 hours to herself but go thrifting with her thrifting bestie!  Besides camping dresses and other absolute essentials, my favourite find of the week was from Goodwill!! The stripes are navy and the other colour is a slightly peachy off-white.  The tie hits the right spot, the length is perfect on

Vintage Pleated Midi Rating


After my chat with Adina from Blue Collar Red Lipstick the other day, I’ve been considering my style, again.  I keep getting older, I keep thrifting new-to-me pieces but I still feel, er, eclectic in my style.  Last year, I sampled different style personalities and ruled out a few – not classic, not minimalist, not boho – but I never really landed on a solid style

Anthro Exchange


I love the local community of thrifters, especially when we wear different sizes look out for each other’s thrifting needs…  And so it came to pass that I found a vintage blazer for Adina, author of Blue Collar Red Lipstick and inspiring Instagrammer, and she found a J Crew blazer for me!  We met up earlier this week for the blazer exchange, to pass along a few

Summer Blogger

One advantage of the cast is using the accessible fitting room!

Though I have been off work with the ol’ air cast for 6 weeks, summer didn’t really start until my kids finished school last week.  Since then, we’ve been chilling out, going to parties, hosting parties and generally spending hundreds of dollars at Costco finding our summer groove which necessitates a little less blogging action.  I hope that’s understandable because I’m quite enjoying my summer

One Hour Thrift Stop

I could also use a grey hoodie sweater - STRICTLY FOR CAMPING - but this one was a little stretched out in the hem...

I ventured out today for a little lunch time sangria, I mean, the year end work luncheon.  (It’s not my fault I’m not on the clock!)  It was great to see all my work peeps AND I had enough time afterwards to make a quick thrift stop and spend an hour in the Salvation Army Thrift Shop!!!  I didn’t even need the wheels!  I wasn’t

Thrifted Dress Diva


Whenever I change my clothes mid-day, I feel like a diva.  Basically, it makes me feel like I’m hosting the Academy Awards, or doing a costume change mid-concert like a rock star. Etc.  So when I wore THREE different dresses in two days, I felt like the Thrifted-Dress-Diva of the North… Diva or not, I love all these dresses, well, all dresses period!  Happy weekend

Thrifting on Wheels


Thrifting is stress relief for me, whether or not I buy anything (er, I usually do).  B.C. (Before Crutches), I would go thrifting two or three times a month depending on life.  A.C. I hadn’t gone in a whole MONTH and was starting to go crazy and feel rather jealous of all my local peeps posting their thrifting adventures.  CRUEL.  Finally, on Monday, I met

Sleeveless Chambray at the Parade


I live just outside a relatively small town and yesterday was the annual parade which was as good a reason as any to wear something “new” – my sleeveless chambray! The good time didn’t end with the parade!  I went and relaxed on my friend’s deck with wine slushies since I so unfortunately can’t manage taking the kids to the midway! The sun was hot

Dessert Dressing


One of the first things I did after having foot surgery was pain management via on-line browsing.  That combined with those heavy-duty initial pain meds inevitably led me to the logical on-line purchase of … a bathing suit.  Why on God’s green earth I *had* to have bathing suit just now, I have no idea.  I can’t even get my foot wet for another 3