May Thrift Haul


May was/is a weird month.  I started it in a mad rush to wrap up work two months early for what I thought would be my surgery date on May 5th which, at the last minute, was postponed till the 19th.  What this means thrift-wise is that I “prepared” twice to stop thrifting for a while and had some stress-relief thrifting after the first let-down AND was

Mixing and Matching Thrift Store Finds with Bingo

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In the past couple of years, the fashion industry has become more attuned with the needs of consumers that support sustainability, which is major improvement from a decade ago when many believed that fur and leather were the definition of trendy. With the increased awareness of the origins of clothing, not only are men and women shopping for ethical brands, but they’re also visiting thrift

Comfort Thrifting


Some people turn to gardening for rest and relaxation.  Others knit or colour or – the one that puzzles me most – exercise (!).  When I need some comfort, I like to go thrifting.  Even if in a fictional scenario I don’t buy anything, I still find it calming especially when I go with good friends like I did last night!  My friend Julie needed a

Half-Tuck Happiness


After issuing the challenge then pinning all the half-tuck outfits on the Tuesday Try Pinterest board, I was quite inspired to give the half-tuck a…try.  There was a fair amount of controversy right out of the gate!  Some people think the half-tuck looks sloppy, others feel it emphasizes the muffin top or they just can’t get it right, yet many friends swear by it!  They say it



This weekend I had the great pleasure of attending Edmonton’s first Gather Women event!  Gather Women is all about connecting women of faith across Canada, creating a united diverse harmonious sisterhood!  There were inspiring speakers – locally and from across Canada, meaningful representation by sponsors, and the chance to talk with friends – old and new! The theme was abundance – abundance of place, glory, story and grace – which

How to Choose Shoes

It's not a "bad" look, and accessories help to spice it up, but it's not very interesting.

Way back during Ways to Wear It, the subject of shoes came up – specifically, how do you choose what shoes to wear?  To be honest, I personally don’t premeditate my outfits much; I usually decide what to wear while I’m brushing my teeth in the morning.  #veryseriousfashionblogger  This means that if I can make my shoe choice in the spur of the moment, so can

Maxi Skirt + Tee

I LOVE the colours and print of this skirt!

So, I’m not laid up in bed (yet) and therefore still wearing cute clothes for a couple of weeks!  I issued what might be the easiest Tuesday Try… Pretty skirt, simple tee, warm-weather chic with no need to shave your legs!!  That’s accessible style for the every day woman right there!  Now, some say that this is a tall person’s territory and, as a relatively

Mother’s Day Style


If you haven’t heard by now, my foot surgery that was supposed to happen last week was cancelled at the last minute.  Talk about anticlimactic.  I trust God’s timing and am happy it has been rescheduled soon but in the meantime, I’m not laid up in bed after all!  I have two more weeks for heels!  YAYYYYYY!  I took advantage of this unexpected situation to

April Thrift Haul

ANOTHER Anthro-brand skirt in perfect condition and the perfect length for me!  I LOOOOVE it, and it was only $4.90.

I’m sharing April’s thrift haul a little late because I’ve been busting my butt trying to wrap up my day job two months early because, tomorrow, I go under the knife.  (pause for dramatic effect)  Before you comment, “It’s about time she took care of ____,” let me clarify, it’s about the least glamorous surgery ever – bunions.  (She said, feeling 110 years old.)  Aside

Vintage Colour Combo

I might not have pie - YET - but I do have a great outfit!

Wherever you are, I hope you enjoyed a beautiful sunny day like I did and I hope you enjoyed the perfect vintage colour combo like I did for this week’s Tuesday Try… I have my friend Karlynn to thank for this gorgeous skirt and top!  She went and wrote a cookbook and the cover is AMAZING and I just *had* to thrift something to match