Just came back from a weekend in the wild.

Sounds exotic and romantic, but IRL, “wild” means no cell service.  That didn’t stop me from taking a few phone pics (since I neglected to charge my camera – also something we didn’t use to have to do).  Here is the towel dress in its natural habitat:

For $6 you didn’t expect Malibu, right?   Of note, my hubby dried his hand on my soft towely bum in order to snap this shot – stylish and practical.

Trying to capture the essence of the towel dress as a swimsuit cover and, for the first time ever, I got photo-bombed.  Who the heck is that guy?

Honestly, I was sooooo comfy.  I looked around at the two mothers nearby in their small bikinis ignoring their screaming wee infants and felt a bit smug.  Not in a bikini, nope, but able to sit cross-legged, read my book, play in the sand, wipe up ice cream and attend to my beautiful children.  That’s what VV Boutique Style will get you.

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