10 reasons I find myself here:

  1. My husband lost his job.
  2. Shopping (even real boutique shopping) is cheaper than therapy.
  3. My big sis is an expert thrifter and offered to take me to VV Boutique for therapy.
  4. I scored a Jax skirt, Mexx dress, soft blacky mauvy plaid button-down (closest to chambray that day), two gorgeous necklaces AND a towel dress (go out in a towel, as clothes?!!  AWESOME) for $36.  Cdn.  Including tax.  I’m hooked.
  5.  I just had my turn in Splurge Sorority (more about that later, you’re going to want to do it too) and got some great quality pieces (J Brand denim, fabulous belts, etc.) and I already have a good wardrobe of staples (good shoes, coats, etc.).
  6. I am interested in accessible fashion – recreating stylish looks with what is in my wardrobe or inexpensive substitutes.
  7. I am done having my wonderful beautiful three gorgeous children and finished WW (Weight Watchers) a few months ago.  I’m at a happy stable place in my size.  Stable = ranging from 8ish on a lucky day with a generous brand to 12ish on a fat day in youth or designer brands.
  8. My husband will get another job soon, but I have a strong desire to be a good godly steward of my blessings and to FPU it up and lower my consumer debt.  
  9. I work part-time in a casual environment and can pretty well wear whatever I want on a daily basis.  
  10. I am a goal-oriented person and love a good challenge.

 Where is here:

I undertake to shop for myself only at VV Boutique (or Good Will or other second hand type places) for the next year until September 2013. 

I will snap some shots of my ensembles and post them here.  I’m just an everyday girl; mom, busy, no photo skills, no fancy camera.  But you’ll get the idea.  Maybe you’ll even see your former clothes here!  (That would be good in a weird way.)

First photo:

 Towel dress $6, red seed necklace $2, multicolour necklace $2
all VV Boutique
Thank you Instagram for the cool photo.  Thank you Everyday Mom Style for the idea of taking photos of the outfits without heads. Thank you 2012 for making colour blocking stylish.  Thank you 1972 for this terry-cloth towel dress and thank you, Grandma ? for keeping it in nice shape.  Thank you God for giving me the very body required to make this dress look decent (shorter torso, shorter legs and you’d be right back in the seventies).  I am actually wearing this today and I can’t tell if I’m getting appreciative glances or if people are wondering why I’m wearing a towel.  Hate on towel-haters, you’re just jealous.

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