Back on my blog birthday, when I launched my “hire me” page, I thought to myself, if I could even work with one woman as a thrift-style consultant, I would be satisfied.  Since then, I’ve already worked with two amazing women: the first was showcased on Instagram and is now *the* image of the hunger-games-esque contest: Urban Infant Best of Instagram #YEG (go there and “like” my shot of Alanna’s thrifted style and help me with my underdog victory and likely-ensuing made-for-TV movie.  Or series.  Don’t limit my dreams).  Then last night, I met up with my Twitter friend Su for a fantastic evening of VV Boutique shopping!  Su is one of those women who does really cool things.  She has a cool job in nuclear medicine, which I would be printing on a t-shirt and then spouting off every opportunity; she is a City of Edmonton Master Composter; she is involved with all things Edmonton foodie; she volunteers and organizes volunteers for various events including the repair-a-thons.  She makes these awesome reusable napkin/cutlery bundles and gives them to random people to use in place of disposable.

Guess what I’m keeping in my purse from now on?!
Thanks Su!  You’ll always be with me now.
Wait, that sounds creepy.

Su has been shopping second-hand since long before I even discovered the wonderful world of thrifting.  Su doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk.  And she is a smart, savvy and funny woman!  I just knew we would have a great time and we did!

This is one shirt.
We wore it together for the rest of the shopping trip.
Su was shopping specifically for an upcoming event as well as for general pieces to round out her out-of-work wardrobe.  We started in the dresses and spent about an hour and a half going through the racks and pulling different options.  Lucky for me, Su is Easy Going and willing to try on anything.  Not that I can’t handle a Diva; I live with a Threenager, I can handle anything.  But it was fun to play dress up and give unexpected pieces a chance to work…

and work they did!
I had studied Su’s Pinterest style board and had an idea of what she is drawn to.  I was delighted to be able to find pieces that were a fair interpretation of her pins.  Here are some of my favourite looks from the evening:

This Land’s End dress is comfortable and so flattering.
Su scored this chambray perfection right off the bat!  I was incredibly slightly jealous, but I maintained my professional decorum barely.  Many of Su’s pinned looks featured a chambray so this was a major find!  Now, sit down folks because I am going to reveal something about Su: prior to last night, Su had no belts.  She in fact doubted they would work for her.  Upon seeing this outfit, I tweeted the following.
The belt is awesome.  So are the other 4 I made her buy, and 100% necessary!  For example, here’s the same dress with a different outer layer and a different belt.
 The blue and caramel print acts as a neutral so you can wear any colour as an outer layer.
We discussed the idea of styles per cost, and with 4 different looks in the store alone, this dress is bound to add excellent value and style to Su’s closet!  This next Jones dress also looked awesome with another different belt!
I was blown away by the cut and versatility of this dress!
Su borrowed my She Does Create pendant so I could illustrate the importance of the “rule of 3.”  You need at least 3 layers or 3 elements to your upper body to have a polished look.  The pattern of this dress makes it a basics+.  It could be worn alone (with accessories or you’ll be getting a tweet from me) or easily styled for winter with tights and boots.  Su could wear it with any cardi, a crew sweater over or even a statement tee over top (I saw the statement tee/skirt look on your Pinterest board Su!).  Another great piece!
Su has such a vibrant personality, it’s no surprise that she loves colour, and colour loves her back!

Another outfit, another belt.
Su’s pins indicated layers, patterns and belts as desired style elements.
Check, check, check!
This jersey dress was so soft and comfy, easy to layer and a hot fall colour!  Leggings will take it straight into winter.  The seaming hits in just the right spot so the dress falls away without looking schleppy.
I wanted to give Su a pants-option for her upcoming event and found these black striped trousers, another basics+.  More interesting than jeans and black dress pants, but subtle enough to wear just like you’d wear denim. 

That teal belt is so pretty, and another hot colour for fall!
Those tops have gorgeous colours and patterns.  I was again jealous happy for her.  Without a belt, the tops are essentially tunics, perfect with skinny bottoms.  And lo and behold, a great pair of orange skinnies in Su’s size!  Leave ’em down, cuff them, roll them; wear them with flats, ankle booties or tall boots.  If you’re anything like me, Su, those orange pants will become your closet MVP! 
In total, Su scored 5 belts, 4 dresses, 5 tops, 2 layering tanks, 2 pants, 1 cardi and 1 bracelet with colour themes of orange/pink/red and green/blue at an average cost per item of $7.13.  From these pieces, she has several options for upcoming events and countless ways to remix them with each other not to mention her existing wardrobe.  
All in all, Su was satisfied, I was right, and the night ended in smiles and style!  If you want to see what Su had to say about her experience with VV Boutique Style, click here!
Su met me straight from work and then I worked her to the bone, 
but she left with several bags of fruit from her labours!

Su, you look amazing – stylish, polished and happy!  Thank you for the pleasure of shopping with you!


  1. So awesome! I will have to find you when I need to revamp my wardrobe!

  2. Looking good! Looks like it was tons of fun, too. 🙂 That looks like my kind of workout – who needs to exercise when you can go shopping with Nicole! 😉

  3. Anonymous

    WOW!!! You are awesome Nicole! & Su you look amazing:)…mmm

  4. Anonymous

    Fantastic outfits!! Favorites are the red sweater and brown belt, dress with the long sleeve blouse underneath and the belt, red/pink pattern blouse with belt. Love all of the layering and the color combinations! Shawna