I shared all about my “little” thrift adventures in Austin and now it’s time to talk big thrift.  By that I mean the big chain thrift stores, mostly for profit but not always.  Stores like Goodwill, Value Village, and Family Thrift Center. There were many Goodwill stores in Austin and I went to a few different locations as well as to two Goodwill Boutiques…

Goodwill Boutique in Austin
We don’t have Goodwill Boutiques in Houston (as far as I know) so I was excited to shop here!
It was a large shop with all the typical thrift wares but set up more like a department store.
I saw a higher concentration of higher end brands and correspondingly higher prices – a deal compared to retail but more than regular Goodwill.
I so wished this Anthro brand top was in my size!
I took home this butterfly print Pepco top. Never heard of this brand but I love the colours and lightweight fabric.
I also scored the exact type of bag I’ve been looking for – a $10 small black leather cross body bag. I shared the details about this Elliot & Lucca bag on Instagram story and have been carrying it daily since!

As you will know from Austin Thrift Scene – Part 1, while I shopped, my family engaged in a friendly challenge to see who could get bragging rights for finding the craziest item in the thrift store.  At the boutique, there was a tie!

My daughter found a magic bag and will happily make any small items disappear and *maybe* reappear.
And my son was ECSTATIC to find a set of cheese SWORDS! He does enjoy quality cheese and has already used his swords as intended (and not as intended #boys).

We went to one other Goodwill boutique where we bought nothing but I snapped a few shots.

Love the blouse but I’m not in a blouse stage of life.
Pretty designer shoes! 
Who on God’s green earth needs to wear this in Austin??? It was so very pretty and perfect… FOR EARLY NOVEMBER IN CANADA.
This bag was absolutely adorable but in a surprising show of restraint, I took a photo and left it behind.

We went to a couple regular Goodwill stores too…

We didn’t have much time and I spent the whole of it looking through this ginormous rack of dresses! xoxoxox
Unfortunately, this Goodwill had THE worst fitting room situation. They were set at an angle, there was no clear place to stand so people were waiting haphazardly, there was no staff anywhere nearby. So I gave up and went to housewares to look for a mirror and tried on the one piece I took home – this Johnny Was tunic for $10!!!! Again, I shared all this on Instagram Story that day!
Next up!
Got this $4 Vince Camuto top and almost got the shorts but ended up leaving them behind.
I’m always on the lookout for jammies that aren’t cutesy or hot – these fit the bill!! “But first cocktails!” YES!

I can’t remember the challenge winners from these stops!!  #momfail  But we did get a pretty good one from our next and last stop for this post… my alma mater: Value Village AKA Savers!

WHY WHY WHY can’t there be Savers in Houston?!

I shared my whole experience on IG Story (sorry to harp on and on about it, but that’s where the thrift haul action is at these days).

I got this dress for $4!
Scored this pretty sleeveless top for $5. And I scored a swimsuit cover that I haven’t photographed yet (but it was on IG story!!! Sorry, I’ll stop)

Last but not least, my daughter won the challenge when she found this for $3…

A beach skim board! Can’t wait to try it out! But sniff sniff, this girl is getting a little more Texan and a little less Albertan every day.

Part 3 of my thrifting in Austin will be coming just as soon as I can ply my kids with iPads and sneak away, and yes, it really is the most amazing thrift store I’ve EVER been in so stay tuned!

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