I could call this “Austin Thrift Scene – Part 3” but that wouldn’t do this thrift store justice.  Austin’s Thrift Scene for both “little” and “big” thrift shops is good, but of all the shops I went in, this was hands down the best.  So good in fact, that I consider it the most amazing thrift store I have ever been in.  And I have been in a lot.

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store AKA Vinny’s Austin!
Pretty unassuming, right?

Now, before I reveal all the thrift store glory, let me clarify that the stock and the thrift finds are not what make this the best.  What makes it the best are the incredible displays and the ambiance, the culture, the feels that this store offers which are unlike any other.

The light fixtures looked like they should be auctioned off!
Sometimes this is what you want in a man.  (he’s styled right down to his socks)
Austin is known for music so I wasn’t surprised to see records at the thrift store but the record display was art in itself.
Every where you looked, there was an artistic display.
So much thought and attention went into every detail.

The mirror everyone wanted on Instagram (but it wasn’t for sale)

I wished I would have taken more pictures just so I could look back on them!  This is a non-profit “little” thrift store, people!  Proceeds support the community!  Volunteers keep it going!  I was blown away… And of course, I scanned the racks and tried on a few things!

I have this exact metallic leather purse in a smaller size (thrifted of course) and I love it!  $5 is a great price!
Oh hello shoes in my name!
Oh hello cute Frye leather flats not in my size! 🙁
These would have come home with me if they were just a little more comfortable.
*Almost* bought this navy leather Elliot Lucca bag since I liked my black one so much, but I’m trying to be picky! #thriftregret
What a cute summer dress with matroschka doll print!
There were boutique-style racks and other rows of racks! So much selection!
She wants me to wear this to her next birthday party. Guess I better start dieting.
Then it was time to try a few things on in the cutest fitting room!
Off to a bad start with Madewell jeans – a brand Adina swears by but did no favours for my rear end.
Things could get worse as it turns out. Too small Pilcro pants (in the size I usually wear – wth??) and too short Anthro brand top. #toosexy
Too big Eri + Aly top which was too bad because the back was too cute:

Too outdated Anthro-brand top. Too much fabric around the midsection.
In the end, I only got one thing – this GORGEOUS dark green leather Fossil bag for $4.50!!!!!!! I had to wipe it off a bit but otherwise it’s in perfect condition! I’ve been looking for a green bag!! YAYYYYY

As for the challenge winner for this round, first the runner up just because she’s cute:

And the winner with a foamy warrior weapon:

Nun-chucks! My husband found these for my son in hockey school because he was so sad to be missing all the thrifting fun! (I’ve raised good kids :D)

A couple last notes about Vinny’s.  They have colour tag sales for 50% off, they have a cafe next door (!!!) and, best of all…


I will visit Vinny’s every time I go to Austin and I recommend you do too!  And if you live in Austin and can go any time, lucky you!!


  1. This makes my so heart happy, I am crystal (staff at St. Vinneys) and made all the displays and light fixtures all from recycled materials.

    • nicole

      WOWWWWW!! Crystal, I have been in hundreds of thrift stores across North America and yours alone stands out as the best! I will go back *just to see the displays! They are art, and you are obviously a very talented artist. Thank you for your work! xoxoxoxo And thank you for reading and commenting – you have made my day, my year even here in Texas. THE BEST!!! xoxoxo

  2. Nice Austin trip! I’m checking out this place the next time I’m there, for sure.

  3. Garden Goddess

    Your husband is a great sport, and seems to have a wonderful sense of humor. Good pick on your part!

    • nicole

      He really is! We are a family of thrifters and enjoy every minute!

  4. I love your posts, they always make me smile! You are hilarious and I love your honesty! Always happy to see a new post by you 🙂

    • nicole

      Thank you for your kind words, for reading and commenting!! Makes my day!!

  5. Thanks for reminding me about St. V’s. Last time I was there was early in my thrifting days and thought they were kinda pricey.
    I will have to go back!

    Happy Thrifting!

    • nicole

      You are welcome! I did not find the prices unreasonable but there are probably some higher price items. I hope you find better prices when you go back! Thanks for commenting!