So today I wore a dress over pants, just like I planned to for this week’s Tuesday Try.  Most women have no problem wearing a dress over leggings but since we all know leggin’s ain’t pants, putting a dress over bonafide pants is less common, yet it’s so practical for winter-sufferers such as myself.  I just happened to pick up a *new* dress on a quick thrift stop on my way home from a work conference last Saturday…

Charlie Jade silk tunic $6.30
Charlie Jade silk tunic $6.30 with a 30% off card

I love the colours in this dress and the silk is so soft!  The tag says dry clean only but I totally ignored that and washed it in cold on delicate in my washing machine.  I’m lazy.  Turned out just fine and I didn’t even iron it!  I’m lazy.  I have never heard of the Charlie Jade label before but a quick search while shopping informed me that this dress would retail around $230 – $265!

Dress Over Pants
Love it when I stumble on a THRIFT SCORE!

The dress is missing the belt.  Fortunately, I have about 500 belts that will coordinate.

Though today I didn't feel like wearing a belt for reasons every woman understands.
Though today I didn’t feel like wearing a belt for reasons every woman understands – can someone get me some Ripples with a side of Chippits?  NOW!!!


I think this dress will work over almost every pair of pants I own – yellow, sage, black, periwinkle, pink!  Somehow a dress helps make pants more tolerable.  Conversely, pants help make dress wardrobe malfunctions more tolerable.

The silky buttons popped open here and there throughout the day. I didn’t mind the one at the bottom but the one at the bust surprised me a couple of times. #alwayswearatank
I'm sure no one noticed my wardrobe malfunction with pretty accessories hogging all the attention.
I’m sure no one noticed my wardrobe malfunction with pretty accessories (from my collection) hogging all the attention…  Right guys?

Dress Over Pants

Let’s face it: this dress isn’t exactly a “dress”, on me anyway!  (If you have to ask if it’s a dress or a top, it’s a top.)  Dress or tunic, wearing a long piece over pants is a style win!  It’s easy, warm and pretty much any combination works!  I look forward to trying this Tuesday Try with more dresses and pants in Dressember!    Meanwhile, this “dress” is a great addition to my closet and I can’t wait to wear it again!

Navy cords $4.20, suede ankle boots $11.90.
Navy cords $4.20, suede ankle boots $11.90.  My posing… priceless.

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