NO, this post is NOT about me.  I may have a little extra self-regulation weight right now but I am NOT pregnant.  However, my friend and colleague Kirsten is for the first time and we are all pretty excited for her little Babybel!!  I always wish that I had discovered thrifting when I was pregnant.  Thrifting maternity and postpartum clothes makes perfect sense – it’s a temporary condition, you’re constantly changing size and shape, and regular retail maternity clothes can be pricey.

This was one of the pricier items – Thyme Maternity dress pants. Still, I would much rather pay $13 (minus 30% with a filled sticker card) than $70.
How about a maternity swimsuit for ten bucks!!? This one didn’t fit Kirsten sadly but how much more freeing would it be to *thrift* seasonal items like this rather than shelling out $90 for something you can wear for such a short time!!

Getting some nice maternity clothes is an essential part of the whole exciting journey and can make us feel better about all the changes happening beyond our control!  So, naturally when Kirsten took me up on my offer to take her thrifting, I was thrilled!

And I was prepared! When taking pregnant women thrifting, purse snacks are REQUIRED.

Maternity wear varies across thrift stores, but most have at least some options.

Not a huge selection, however…
We managed to find plenty of options!!

Kirsten and I combed the maternity section first then headed to the “regular” racks.  Though non-maternity pants and tops won’t work for most pregnant women, dresses, skirts, cardis and coats can work depending on the fit.  And just like with “regular” thrifting, it is essential to try on pieces to ensure a good fit since, just like with “regular” clothes, the size on the label is virtually irrelevant.  Kirsten patiently went through the stack while I rehung things and mused about how cute she looked and how sad I am that I won’t be around to snuggle her baby when he/she arrives…  Here’s how it went down…

This dress was in the regular section and I made Kirsten put it on right then and there! She IS a pre-K teacher and I was certain the kids would adore her in it but she decided to pass. FINE. Don’t look completely adorable albeit slightly crazy, see if I care!  
Another item found in the regular racks – vest and kimonos have great potential and can add a bit of pizzaz to an otherwise plain outfit.


And here are some more “finishing layers” that Kirsten found out on the battle grounds!  She ended up getting all but the first green jacket which was a bit big but I nonetheless wanted her to have it because I have the same jacket and wanted to be twinny.

LOVE the last green jacket which will make the perfect post-partum light jacket too!

Works with so much! Great score!

Here are some of the no’s:

Great dress in a classic pattern, NOT maternity but had little room to grow (!) and didn’t suit Kirsten’s daily activities. Looked awesome though!
Good top, easy to wear but probably on the hot side for the last trimester of summer!
This was a bad case of projection. I happen to LOVE this dress therefore *made* Kirsten try it on. The fit was good but it just wasn’t her style, EVEN for yellow day. FINE! (and yes, I did try it on and yes, I did look as pregnant as Kirsten so it was a pass for me to.)

Now for the pieces already enjoying their new home with the new-to-be mom!

Jeans! Score! Who can’t use some ankle crop jeans?! 😉
Denim skirt that will be a summer staple and floral blouse for a light finishing layer!
And looky here!! Goes with so much!
The perfect tee for a French Immersion school!
Sleeveless maternity dress and a cardi because just like I’m fresh out of dresses, Kirsten is fresh out of cardis.  #nojudgment

An important subject camp up while we were shopping:  you DO NOT have to buy maternity clothes that you will wear after you have the baby.  At thrifted prices, it’s easy to buy a few staples at each stage and size.  The only rule is: wear it while it fits.  

I did not photograph everything but all total, Kirsten got 12 pieces for just under $80!!!  That’s a cost per piece average of about $6.67!!!  That makes the thrift shop worth a look for maternity clothes, don’t you think?!!

Thanks for an awesome thrift trip! You look FAB Kirsten!


  1. I bought all my “maternity” clothes at the thrift store! I lived in regular dresses that were larger than my non-pregnant size and got so many compliments from people who were surprised to see me wearing florals, prints and colour. I only used to wear neutrals, especially black. But when you’re pregnant you can get away with a different look 🙂

    • nicole

      That is awesome, and good point about style! It’s fun time to experiment!!