I am not sad to see April go.  It was a long, dreary month full of SNOW and stress!  You guys, I was so stressed I missed a monthly “visitor” and then I went into FULL ON PANIC – but thank the Good Lord above, that issue has been “resolved” and we can all have a glass of wine breathe a sigh of relief.  Between that and everything else, life is (temporarily) out of balance.  As an Occupational Therapist, I definitely believe in BALANCE and without my self-care activities (thrifting, blogging), I’m out of whack and it shows.  Luckily, I did manage a bit of thrifting in April which is probably why I didn’t go completely bonkers.  Here’s what I got:

Scored Fidelity denim Stevie crops for $7 and have been living in them on weekends.  They’re worth upwards of $200 regular retail!
Banana Republic shorts for $7 because all I can think about is Texas weather.  BR shorts go for about $70 regular retail.  
Wilfred Free tank $3, retails about $40.
Old Navy charcoal tee, new, for $4 and worth about as much regular retail, but I have a weakness for grey tees and imagined necklace possibilities with this one!!!
My friend also gave me this very Nicole-esque cardi from Anthro! It was free and now selling for around $40 on eBay.  And oooooh look:

Already scheming my next outfit!!!
New leather Rockport sandals, perfect for my kind of feet (!), $11.90 worth at least $100.
And the piece de resistance, Tory Burch wedge flip-flops NEW for $14!!  I was scanning the racks thinking, ‘I wish I could find some nice flip-flops.  I am really going to need new flip flops for Houston.  Maybe I should just splurge on some Tory Burch ones… I wonder what they’re worth regular retail’…!!!  Turns out they’re worth $90 new which I would NEVER pay for flip-flops, even for Tory Burch, but I sure was happy to find them thrifted.

That brings my April total to…

  • Fidelity denim $7 (~$200)
  • BR shorts $7 (~$70)
  • Wildred Free grey tank $3 (~$40)
  • Old Navy charcoal tee $4 (~$4)
  • Anthro-brand cardi $0 (~$40)
  • Rockport leather sandals $11.90 (~$100)
  • Tory Burch wedge flip-flops $14 (~$90)
  • TOTAL: $46.90 

But all that was worth $544, which means I spent an average of 8.5% of the regular retail cost.  Not too shabby for a stressed girl!  Look for these pieces and more coming soon to an Instagram feed near you!  Hang in there with me till all this transition is done!! xoxoxo


  1. I recently bought a Vera Bradley crossbody bag for $2.00, a Coach makeup bag for 50 cents, and Sam Edelman Circus slip-ons for 7.99.

  2. You got some good deals this month. I love that cardigan, it is absolutely beautiful. The jean carpis are also great, I am always on the lookout for designer denim at thrift stores (usually find it too) and now have another brand to try out.

    • Thanks Emmy! Yes, I made out well despite not having much time to thrift! Can’t wait till this transition is done and I get to explore thrifting in TX!

  3. I’m excited for you to move to the States just for shopping! As an ex-pat myself who visits home often, the price differences can be incredible. Of course I tell my family that they shouldn’t complain too much b/c at least they have healthcare!

    • Thanks for the perspective!! I haven’t shopped much there except on the CDN dollar and that never works out in my favour! I’m a little nervous about the whole healthcare thing but we have a plan through my husband’s company so it should all be fine. I hope. :D!!! Can’t wait to thrift there!!!

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