I spent last weekend attending the Good 100 Experiment 2015, hosted by The Local Good and, simply put, it was awesome.  I was so busy being simultaneously amazed by all the awesome in the room and humbled by how much I don’t know and hungry to learn grow do be more that I hardly took any photos and those I took are not very good BUT I’m sharing them anyway in the hopes that little glimpses will spread the good spark and IGNITE!

There weren’t many fashion bloggers at Good 100 YEG – in fact, I was the only one as far as I know!  The people were from all sectors with all kinds of projects and ideas at various stages of development, with the common goal of doing good in our community.  Sound good?  It was.

Saturday OOTD - BCBG dress
Saturday OOTD – BCBG dress $11.90, Miz Mooz shoes $13.30, scarf $4.20, leggings $6 and Gap denim jacket circa 2002 (barely younger than some of the talent in the room)

In such good company, fashion might seem frivolous but my raison d’être was to dialog about sustainable fashion, throw in some plugs for Occupational Therapy when possible, collaborate and make connections.

Sunday OOTD
Sunday OOTD – comic book print skirt $2.50, Frye flats $9.10, bracelet $2.10, black tee from my closet

This kind of event may not be for everyone, but I ate it up!  I love meeting new people, exploring ideas, setting tasks aside and focusing on process!  The cool thing about Good 100 YEG is that even when you’re not talking about your own ideas, you have an invaluable role in supporting others.  Just like that, community happens!

Isn't all this blank space inspiring?!!!
Isn’t all this blank space inspiring?!!!  Doing the “Hot Seat” exercise…
I warned my table-mates that pictures would be happening.  I should've said A picture.
I warned my table-mates that pictures would be happening. I should have said A picture because that’s about all I took.

I am still digesting all that we covered in the Good 100 YEG and will be for some time.  It was the perfect preamble to summer holidays – I have big plans to have some good thinks this summer about my small, medium, big and new ideas and the direction for my hobbies, projects and career.

This sub-par picture of geese will have to suffice in place of my me
I was participating in a group all about meditation when a literal gaggle of baby geese meandered onto the grassy shores around us.  It took everything in me not to interrupt the discussion to snap a photo.  So this sub-par picture of adult geese will have to do.
Canada Geese
This was actually pretty cute too.  Geese-walk.

I found it refreshing to be with people like me.  Dreamers and doers!

AND they stand on counters.
AND they stand on counters.

What I want YOU to know from the Good 100 Experiment is that incredibly good things are happening right here in Edmonton.  Please check out the participant list for a peek into the different projects represented.  Sign up for the Local Good newsletter and stay tuned into the various Green Drinks events happening throughout the year.

Taking a selfie when there are a lot of people around was worse than pitching my ideas in front of a room full of strangers!
Taking a selfie when there were a lot of people around was worse than pitching my ideas in front of a room full of strangers! (great venue at Rundle Park Family Center!)

And if you’re a do-gooding sort of person, consider coming to next year’s Good 100!  I already know I will be there!


  1. CassandraSnider

    I think you captured the weekend very well. Also loved your skirt on the second day! Great meeting you after following your blog for a year!

  2. CassandraSnider Thanks, thanks and so nice to meet you as well!!  And THANKS to you for all your amazing work to make Good 100 happen!!

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