Have I mentioned lately how much I love my friends?!!  They are awesome in so many ways and I am truly blessed to have them in my life, BUT a Madmen Christmas cocktail party is like the (bourbon-soaked) cherry on the friendship cake!  SO MUCH FUN!  Thank you Karlynn and Mike for the fab party last weekend!  It was the perfect retro refresher for the holiday season!  I thrifted the perfect Betty Draper dress and, short of a ciggy and spanking the children, I felt I carried it off pretty well! 😉  Here’s a recap of the evening!

I can’t get enough of this dress! Thrifted for $11.90 and worn with a gifted vintage necklace and $20 Stuart Weitzman pumps. xoxoxo
In retrospect, I needed more backcombing. Ah well, next time!
This is not a vintage dress believe it or not! And there was supposed to be a belt – so many people donate items missing the belt (their loss, my gain). It had the perfect vibe, perfect colour. This is one I will keep forever just because it’s so pretty.
I thrifted a dress for my daughter too – so pretty! I firmly believe that every party deserves a new (thrifted) dress… (which could be why I have 60!)
Oh my heart! Look out world, she’s only 6.
Despite the, er, photography, this coat is AH-MAZING and was made for this occasion! #MFEO Vintage wool with fur collar for $9.
For one moment, it was a #lifeofglamour for real!
What does every fashion blogger do upon arrival? Selfie of course.
Immediately following, my lovely host Karlynn handed me a Gin Gimlet – my new fave! (Good influence or bad? Don’t answer. #MFEO)
Oh Betty.  I might be glad we don’t have much in common besides blonde hair and yellow dresses…
And handsome husbands! xoxoxo
But I’m mad for just one man!
Though if Roger came a-knocking… ;P
My friend Laurel looked stunning in green!
That hair pin is swoon worthy.
Classy colourful cocktail girls!
Dapper dames…

This is only a little snapshot of all the amazingness of the evening!  Be sure to check out Karlynn’s IG page to see her incredible spread of vintage-inspired party food and all the other special thematic touches!  Mike and Karlynn, you’ve outdone yourselves on this party!!  (But don’t let that stop you from having another!)  Thank you again!  #loveyoumorethangimlets

There’s no place like home when it’s filled with wonderful friends!



  1. Great write up Nicole! I can’t believe how much booze we went through and those gimlets, we couldn’t keep the pitcher full.

  2. Mike, you realize that Nicole and I were at that party, right? Of course we went through that much booze lol.

    What a lovely write up <3 can't wait to have another party!

    • nicole

      I can’t wait for you to have another party too, LOL! It was a lovely time because of all the lovely people! (and, er, the gimlets)

  3. The vintage pyrex collection is almost as swoon worthy as the dresses!