Here I am in my 5th year of blogging, not exactly *lacking* in the wardrobe department, yet continuing to thrift and refine my closet anyway!  One of my loose goals this year is to explore sustainable fashion more.  I have secondhand shopping down pat (!) and I’ve done plenty of clothing swaps, but it’s time to get some experience with other sustainable fashion strategies.  It *might* involve some shopping, which is very selfless and dedicated of me, don’t you think?  One of the legitimate barriers to sustainable shopping is the price.  I love fancy boutique or designer pieces but simply can’t afford them… or thought I couldn’t afford them.  As I look more into it, I’m discovering that sustainable fashion is more affordable than I thought!  Take for example Winterberry Apparel

Winterberry Apparel

Winterberry designer Katie Stegerman is locally trained and locally based right here in Edmonton.  She is committed to ethical fashion and has a growing clothing line with wardrobe basics made from ethically sourced fabrics.  What I like best about Katie’s pieces is that they are totally accessible for the everyday woman – both in style and price!  I love a good excuse to support local so I contacted Katie through her Etsy shop and requested the $40 basic tunic shirt in green without the pocket!  Here is its inaugural styling!

Worn with my beloved Everly tomato skirt $4.90, thrifted necklaces and She Does Create build-your-own-pendant and bracelets plus Bussola sandals from Kunitz (I *had* to get some new supportive shoes as per PT orders!)


This shirt is long enough to be worn with leggings as you can see from the Etsy shop photos:

Winterberry Tunic Shirt

I wear a size 10 – 12 these days and ordered a size large which is fairly fitted on me.  I’m thinking of ordering another in a different colour in size XL to get a looser fit.

But which colour should I get?!!!
But which colour should I get?!!!
I LOOOOVVEEE this green!

Sure, you can go to a regular retail store and get a basic tee for cheaper BUT, and here’s the big but, chances are pretty good you’ll be wearing fast fashion, that someone somewhere was underpaid and poorly treated to make your tee.  Why not pay a little more for a quality, locally handmade piece that will last and let you sleep at night knowing that no one but you paid a cost for that garment?!

I am so pleased with my Winterberry shirt!
I am so pleased with my Winterberry shirt!

Before you hit the mall for back-to-school shopping, take a look at Winterberry’s Etsy shop and just try it!  I had my custom-ordered shirt in less than a week!  Shopping sustainable is not a difficult, expensive process!

Thank you Katie for my new favourite top!

I can’t wait to style it up again – did I mention green is definitely one of the HOT colours for Fall?!!  You can find Winterberry on the web here and on Twitter, Instagram and Etsy.  Happy Sustainable Shopping!

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