One of my favourite Thrifty Therapists is Kristen, a fashionista that rocks every single outfit.  Don’t believe me?  Follow her on Instagram for some #ootd proof of her amazing eclectic killer style!  I hear she’s just as amazing in her work as a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist AND manages to get her work done in things like, oh, dresses and skirts, just like yours truly!  Kristen surprised me by sharing a recent thrifted outfit from a graduation ceremony for former students… I assumed she meant kindergarten graduation but no!  Kristen is also a teacher and taught real live students that are now graduating high school!

Babies teaching babies!  (aka, I'm old and everyone under 35 looks like they're in grade 9 to me)
Babies teaching babies! (aka, I’m old and everyone under 35 looks like they’re in grade 9 to me)

In case you can’t tell, Kristen is the babe in the blue dress, the fabulous THRIFTED “grad” dress!  Kristen was the emcee for the evening and picked the perfect dress to inspire but still let the students shine on their special day!

So much gorgeous in one room!
So much gorgeous in one room!

Kristen taught these students fresh out of university when they were in grade 6.  The fact that they invited Kristen to their grad speaks volumes about this dynamo!

The picture of elegance!
The picture of elegance!  And can I get a slow clap for those shoes?!  Perfection.

Kristen’s thrifted dress is proof that you can find fabulous formal wear at Value Village, Goodwill and other thrift stores at a fraction of the cost.  I wonder if any students considered thrifting their grad dresses?!  They certainly could, and then use the cash they saved for other grad perks (or for 7 years of university if you’re being practical).

Kristen in her $10.50 thrifted "grad" dress!
Kristen on the stage in her $10.50 thrifted “grad” dress!  The lanterns can’t even compete with the light you shine!

Kristen, thank you for inspiring these students and taking the time to be a part of such an important day in the life of every young person!  Thank you for sharing your photos (er, with the whole world now!!) and for inspiring children, coworkers and other thrifty therapists in your work and style!  And when can we get together to do some thrifting?!!

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful summary of a very special night spent with very special students. The highlight was getting to hand them the letters they wrote to themselves back in Grade 6…many blushing faces were observed as they read them. 🙂