Long time no post, but in other news my house has been spruced right up, every nook and cranny has been decluttered, I packed up half my shoes and would pack up a whole lot more if it would JUST STOP SNOWING.

Moving is like having a baby; after it’s done, you forget the pain but if you do it again, it’s the same pain all over again until it’s finally done and you’re in post-move bliss.  I’m not there yet, and in the meantime, my thrifting and blogging and posting and outfits are in the backseat.  (Unless my house sells quickly, so let’s all pray for that!)  Here’s a little look at my outfits in the past couple weeks just to prove I haven’t let everything go…

I did not capture my painting OOTD on camera, you’re welcome.  Let me describe it though: ratty tee and ancient pajama bottoms, scrunchie, no make-up.  And in all this glory, I answered the door for our contents appraiser, whom my husband neglected to inform me would be coming to the house.  There I sat conducting business as usual, thanking the good Lord above that at least I was wearing a bra.

Aside from that day (!), it has been kinda liberating to just get dressed in the morning.  Survey my collection, wear whatever strikes my fancy.  I couldn’t claim my outfits have been super adventurous or stylish, but there’s a time for comfortable and easy.  My poor dresses are practically vibrating with excitement – they can’t wait to be worn when the weather actually warms up and when the move actually happens!  And bless that appraiser, he didn’t bat at an eye when he looked in my closet!

So what have YOU been wearing lately?!!  Done any good thrifting lately?  Do tell! Let me live vicariously through you!!


  1. I haven’t thrifted any clothes but I have been thrifting furniture including a Cottswood desk and hutch for $300 and an antique mirror from Bali for $50! Does that count?

    • Absolutely it counts!! Great scores!! I think I need to come for a visit and see them in person!! I need some home decor and furniture inspiration – I’m hoping to thrift to fill up my Texas home!

  2. I bought a Brooks Brother shirt for my son for $2.00. Just found a Lilly Pulitzer soft cotton dress for a $1.00. I enjoy finding great brand name items for my family without having to pay the high prices.

    • You and me both!! Great scores! That’s a great price on the dress! Makes me want to go thrifting!!

  3. Love your blog! I thrifted a pair of Loft pink scallop edged ballet flats from my local Goodwill store! First pair of pink shoes I’ve owned!

    • Why thank you!! I didn’t own pink shoes until I started thrifting either – seemed too frivolous to spend money on anything but the basics I would wear over and over! Now I have a sizable shoe collection with all kinds of colours and styles – most of them cost less than $10! Thanks for your comment! (I’m also saved by grace alone!)

  4. Recently thrifted a brand name burgundy blazer for $1.00 and I’ve already worn it twice. Two skirts which were $9.00 each, little high for a thrift store but both were new with tags. Also, a coffee pot for $3 since my old one had broken. Can’t be without coffee.

    On another note, I moved last year after 17 years in my house. It was awful and the most stressful situation I have ever been in. But its all done now and I am so happy we moved, we are closer to work and my parents. Simplified our lifestyle by going from a 1900 square foot house to a 900 square foot apartment. Love it.

    • The realtor today *joked* that I might need to pack away my coffee pot – THAT IS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE!! No one wants to be around me without coffee!! Those are great scores! Thanks for the encouragement about the move. I’m a little surprised how stressful I’m finding this, though I shouldn’t be considering it’s the opposite of past moves – away from family, to another country, with my children, way more stuff to contend with. I love the idea of a small house but not quite ready for it yet, especially heading to Texas where everything is big, LOL. My most peaceful times are camping actually with all 5 of us in a small trailer – it’s so much more manageable. One day!!

    • That is awesome! I found Prada loafers at the local Salvation Army Thrift Shop for $10 in the men’s section! I haven’t done as much garage saling as thrift shopping but reading your post makes me excited for garage sale season!! Thanks for sharing! Are you on Instagram?!

  5. I gave up thrifting for Lent, but have enjoyed reading your blog. I went to my favorite Goodwill this week. I spent $50 and got 4 pieces for my 5 year old including a Lands End cardigan and a Gymboree top that I would wear if it was in my size. I got 3 pairs of jeans, Kut from the Kloth, 7 for all Mankind (my first pair), and Paige (also my first pair). Also 6 tops for me, Free People, Eddie Bauer, Lucky Brand, Zara, a brand new Abercrombie and Fitch sweater, and another brand I never heard of, but Anthropolgie looking – everything in great conditon. I may have done more damage except I had to pick up my children.

    • I am so behind but THANK YOU for sharing your finds! That’s a good thing to give up for Lent for sure! Sounds like you got some amazing finds!! Thrifting is awesome!

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