When I first started reading fashion blogs, way back B.T. (Before Thrifting), I was intrigued by fashion challenges.  I did some of them and enjoyed finally starting to pay some attention to ME after three pregnancies and years of nursing and learning to juggle everything – a period of time I now simply call The Blur.  Then, things changed – for the better as it turned out – and I started blogging, continued to do fashion challenges and even ran my own challenges!  It was all great fun, and great exploration of personal style.  One popular fashion challenge I never did was the “30 in 30” – choosing 30 pieces and remixing them for 30 days worth of outfits.  I remember thinking 30 pieces seemed like a lot to work with – and it is (!) but my wardrobe is exponentially bigger now thanks to thrifting, and rather than limit myself to specific pieces, I really just want to enjoy my great clothes (that cost less than a latte!).  However, said closet is, eh hem, overflowing!  I had a major purge just over a year ago and I do continually edit, but I’m out of hangers again and I already bought more hangers!!  😀  Time for some tough closet love

Fortunately, I was recently inspired by Super Su’s 30-day minimalism game.  The gist was to purge something every day according to prompts – not sure where the prompts came from (help me out Su!) – but that’s not the point.  The point is that I’m going to do the same thing in November, only just for my closet!


I know I’m not alone!  There are others out there who love thrifting, love shopping, enjoy exploring different styles… those whose size fluctuates like mine, those who truly love their pieces and have a hard time parting with them!  Sound familiar?  If so, why don’t you join me in the “30 in 30 Closet Minimalism Game for Clothes Lovers and Style Seekers?!”  I’ll issue daily purge prompts (sounds scary to me too!!) on Instagram and at some point share what I chose to purge each day.  I’ll use the hashtag #closetminimalismgame and if you decide to play along, tag me and use the hashtag so we can support each other!  I’m going to need it!  Ready?  Go!


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