If the Great Mad Men Party of 2016 taught me anything, it’s that I love me a good cocktail theme party and luckily for me, my friend Karlynn loves throwing them!  This time, her theme was “Rhinestone Cowboy” in honour of the epic Garth Brooks concerts happening in Edmonton.   Our tix weren’t till Sunday which freed up Saturday for some boot-stompin’ fun!

My look was more retro than rhinestone but what I lacked in sparkle I made up for in blue eyeshadow.
Thrifted hat of course and the silky scarf was a gift.
The piece de resistance – that jumpsuit – was thrifted by Karlynn’s sister and for that I am forever grateful!!  Worn with my secondhand Frye boots and thrifted metallic belt.
Now let’s talk about MY cowboy! He is an authentic prairie farm boy, born and raised, but all the cowboy genes went to his younger brother (who once saved me on a runaway horse with a lasso, I kid you not). So, we had to thrift him all the cowboy fixins – jeans, belt, top, vest and that bolo tie!
Someone spent hours QUILTING this vest!
Cowboy blue steel??
While we were at it, we also thrifted Karlynn this pattern book so that we can have some pieces made for the next party!!
Let the party begin with an entryway selfie!
We’re actually fighting over who gets the jeans pocket sweatshirt on the cover…
Karlynn’s hubby Mr. Kitchen Magpie scored a sweet western top with embroidered ROOSTERS!
And then Karlynn’s bro had embroidered horses!! The men were killing it in their thrifted duds!
The women brought the sparkle! Kandice was bedazzled from glasses to jeans! I had to look twice at the glasses actually – I didn’t realize they were DIY-rhinestones!  And now I want to bedazzle mine!  Brilliant!
The rhinestones make the outfit!
However, the Bedazzling Championship goes to Twyla! Skirt, shirt, boots and belt – that girl was *the* Rhinestone Cowgirl!  (and I blame Mike’s tasty cocktails for distracting me from getting a proper photo of Twyla in all her glory)
But I got the belt!! SO AMAZING!
And anyway, I’ll have another chance for a photo when Twyla Rae and “Eve”ning Starr hit the road for our debut tour!  (We were born for this – that’s Twyla‘s full name and my middle name is Eve!  MEANT TO BE!)  (er, except the singing part)
Speaking of cocktails, the Magpies never disappoint! Thank you Mike for introducing me to sweet sipping Sloe Gin!  Everything was delish! 
And Karlynn even made me and Mr. Style birthday cakes!! Brings a tear to my eye, such wonderful friends!

Thank you Karlynn and Mike for another fantastic party!  Now, where can I wear that jumpsuit again?!!!

Yee haw!


  1. Maybe not the jumpsuit – maybe it belongs back in its own era . LOL. I love the quilted vest though. It looks like a fun, if crazy, party.

    • nicole

      Well who would’ve thought the vest would be the winner over the jumpsuit!! LOL!! Thanks for reading – it was a fun time!

    • nicole

      DISCO! DISCO!! DISCO!!! That’s my hope but whatever those Magpies come up with is sure to be a blast! Maybe I’ll have to host a Texas soiree one day!! See you on the road, Twyla Rae!

    • nicole

      xoxoxoxo Literally the first jumpsuit I’ve ever worn! Most don’t, er, fit properly on a tall girl!!

  2. I was told by the Canadian government website that I am probably a Canadian citizen, thanks to the timing of my father’s birth in Canada, and my birth I. The US. So I’ve decided that I must move to Canada and join your circle of friends.

    Except he is french Canadian, so I will probably be shunned. #sigh #cestlavie #idontblameyou

    • nicole

      C’mon up!! Actually, I live in a French community and my children all take French immersion schooling! Alors, bienvenue!