Time flies when you’re having a great summer!  In addition to doing a fair bit of thrifting for myself (because I am fresh out of everything, it’s very tragic), I took my kids thrifting for back-to-school clothes at the recent 40% sale at VV Boutique on the way back from camp.  It was pleasantly quiet in the store so we could browse the racks with leisure…

4 pairs of jeans for my older son including Buffalo, Levis and new-with-tags! His current jeans will be passed along to his younger brother. They don’t care about handmedowns and I’m certainly not going to *teach* them that they *need* new.
No matter how stylish I might want my boys to dress, they basically want to wear sport pants and t-shirts every day. And they wear out their sport pants almost faster than I can thrift them.
There is no shortage of unique t-shirts at VV Boutique, and therefore no reason to buy cheap fast fashion tees.
I don’t even try to choose clothes for my 6-year-old but she had plenty to choose from herself! I find it intriguing to see what she chooses – that’s her personal style blooming and I love it.
If you have to wear pants, have fun with them. That’s one thing she already knows!
The girl’s got good taste in skirts!

All in all, I scored 35 pieces for my three children for $114.20 – that’s an average cost per piece of $3.26.  UNDER FOUR DOLLARS!  Now, take a second and scroll up again and look at all those pieces in perfect condition.  Moms, there is no excuse to buy fast fashion for your children this fall.  Please just don’t.  Think about sustainability, think about the things that really matter.  You can still have your $4 clothes, but without anyone paying such a high cost.  And heads up, there’s a 50% sale at VV Boutique Aug 3rd and 4th and there will probably be at least one more 50% sale before September, and all the little thrift stores and other chains have regular sales too.  Getting a great deal isn’t hard – anyone can go to the School of Thrift!


  1. Alicia Sansome Reply

    I just did a back to school thrift score Monday. $21 for 7 items for my daughter and 1 dress for me.

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