A couple weeks ago I dropped a hint that major news was coming…  Are you ready because it is MAJOR.  Like, sit down and put down your wine/coffee kind of major…

The Rowans are moving to Texas!!!!!!!

I still find it a little shocking to say out loud and part of me won’t believe we’ve moved till I’m relaxing by my pool in the Texas sunshine!!  However, visas are in the works, the house is being readied to sell, belongings are getting purged and my family is headed to Houston over Spring Break to check out our new neighbourhood, so I would say it’s time to pack away the skis and embrace the adventure!!


Special thanks to Jillian of Keisha’s Korner for custom making me this EPIC tee – head over to her Facebook page and give it some love and while you’re there, check out her special promo for World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd – you can get an awesome statement tee, support local AND show awareness and acceptance towards people with Autism.  (And I might just add that Jillian’s son happens to be one of the cutest kids and best teachers I’ve ever met – xoxoxo I’ll miss you guys!)


We are not moving TODAY.  There are more details yet to be worked out than I care to contemplate but I have faith that it will all come together in due time.  I anticipate the big day will be after the school year is done, so there will be a few more months of winter Alberta backdrop.  AND for anyone who thinks we are going in the opposite direction than many of our American friends wish they were going, let me be clear: my leader is no president; my leader is the King of Kings and as praying people, we go where our King leads us and He’s leading us to Texas.

It ought not to come as too much of a shock that a woman with 60 dresses is destined to live in a warmer climate!!  Apparently, my thrifting inclinations were hints for my future!

What does this mean for me, for you, for this little slice of Internet entertainment?  Well, I am beyond excited to thoroughly explore the Texas thrifting scene so I see plenty more thrifting awesomeness in our future!  However, as I prepare for the transition and ultimately move, I simply won’t be able to post as much as usual.  I hope you’ll stick around though because this adventure is sweeter when it’s shared, and the more sweet, the less bitter the thought of leaving my cherished friends and family, my sister, my community here, my village, my clubs, my church, my VV Boutique… Sniff sniff, now I’m getting all teary…

Bittersweet is the only adequate word for this kind of adventure, but I’m up for it!  Now someone get me some hair spray and some grits because this girl is going to TEXAS OR BUST!


    • nicole

      Some of us have more kids (!), some of us move to another country!

  1. Lisa Roberts

    Well Nicole this will be an adventure – my husband is Houston based and we were supposed to go – you never know that day may still come! We have friends in Houston but I believe your beautiful family will settle right in …. congrats to the next adventure from the Roberts Family!

    • nicole

      Thanks for the words of encouragement!! So far after a week of visiting, so good!

  2. Best wishes moving to Texas, you are going from one weather extreme to another. Also check out toocheapblondes on facebook – if you haven’t heard of them, they are thrifters in Texas and find really great stuff.

    • nicole

      Thanks! And thanks for the tips! I do follow them on Instagram!! I’ll have to try to make friends!! #thriftingsisterhood

  3. Wow! All the best on your adventure and you are right God is good! I will try and be patient as for a little while your posts will be sporadic but that’s ok – keep us posted we want to know how you’re doing!

    • nicole

      Thanks!! We are visiting Texas right now and I basically feel like Tawanada for driving all over the place! I’ll be sharing all about it over the next few months!

  4. Wow! That is big news!! Your right about going where you are lead. All the best to you and your family …. how will you our man ski?!?! I have been to Houston and it is really lovely. Enjoy Spring Break.

    • nicole

      Well, we are going to have to travel to ski! It’s a surreal thought but a new adventure and we are up to it!!

  5. Well yay for us! I’ve lived in Houston for 2 years,& learned my way around because of thrifting. It’s wonderful ~ WELCOME!

    • nicole

      What a great way to get to know a place!!i can’t wait to thrift – will especially need to look for furniture and home decor – everything is bigger in Texas and I don’t have enough!!

  6. Congratulations on your new adventure and your courage to follow Jesus, the King of Kings. Yes, leaving is hard, yet “Friends are friends forever, if the Lord’s the Lord of them, and a friend will not say never, cause the welcome will not end. Though its hard to let you go, in the Father’s hands we know that a lifetimes not to long, to live as friends!”


    Seize the opportunity, serve the Lord and do keep us posted as you are able. God is good and wise and goes before, behind and in you. Blessings and best wishes.

    • nicole

      Amen to that!! I can’t wait to explore churches and get going to the BSF classes here! Thanks for the words of encouragement!!

  7. Can’t believe it! A while back, I commented that I would love to go thrifting with you, but unfortunately I live in Houston. We live near the medical center, and if we can be of any help, please feel free to contact me. Takes a while to get used to Houston (or so it was for us @ 40 years ago), but it has become home. So much to do. I wish you the very best, and do hope to meet you. We are retired, so maybe not as much fun as you, but still we can be of help.

    • nicole

      Thank you so much!! I hope we can meet one day to thrift!! We are looking at the Katy area for schools but after a week of visiting and driving, I’m feeling confident about getting around and I CANNOT WAIT to thrift! Stay in touch, I would love to meet you!

  8. Wow!!! What can I say but WELCOME Y’ALL from a fellow Canadian and reader of your blog that moved to Houston, Texas 8 years ago. Right now the rodeo is going on, if you get a chance to visit, check it out… it’s bigger than the Stampede! Welcome to our great city of friendly people, family friendly living, lots and lots of churches, lots and lots of highways and driving (but you may be pleased to know, actually not that much hairspray because the humidity here has caused many of us to just give up in the hair department!!) I live in the Northeast part of Houston… let me know if you have any questions about the city… or want suggestions on thrifting spots ☺️

    • nicole

      Thank you so much!! It is encouraging to hear!! After a week of visiting and driving, it seems doable! We are looking at Katy area but I plan to explore the whole thrifting scene (mainly because I’m going to need some furniture and decor!!). As for hair, I went au naturel today and it wasn’t too bad! Might need some better makeup for the humidity!

  9. Wow, good luck with the transition! I’m a cdn expat myself, but I live in California. I’ve been here a while and I never thought I’d still be living in the States after 10yrs. I hope I can move back one day, but it seems less and less likely as time passes. Will your family ever return to Edmonton? Anyhow, sadly I’m trying to avoid the reading the news for the next four years. It might be harder for you to do that in Texas 🙂

    • nicole

      Politics notwithstanding, I feel ready to complain about the heat rather than the cold!! It is an indefinite plan but we are open to where the Lord leads us!