March is a hard month for us Canadians.  Christmas is over, Valentine’s Day is over and the month is thirty-one LONG days long.  It seems like it should be spring, but reality is that we still have a ton of snow and frigid temperatures.  Add insult to injury, the last week is usually “spring” break.  Sigh…  In light of this, back in 2014 I decided to make my own fun in March by declaring it Pinspired March, and taking the month to use thrifted pieces to recreate Pinterest outfits.  I had so much fun, I did it again in 2015 and 2016 and now it’s not only a tradition that *must* continue, it’s known as The Most Wonderful Time of the Year amongst my kind readers!  I kicked Pinspired March 4.0 today with an Anthropologie piece that happens to be my very first eBay purchase!

It’s that time of year again: PINSPIRED MARCH!! I take thrifted pieces and recreate outfits from Pinterest. And my excellent posing skills ensue… #notamodel #whydonttheyeversmile 😬 Here I’m wearing a secondhand @anthropologie top that I scored off EBay (will blog all about it later)and denim shorts $6.30, turquoise earrings by @shedoescreate.

I have been wanting this Seraphina blouse from Anthro since it was in stores a few years ago.  I waited for a sale and when it finally did go on sale, it was sold out before I could purchase.  I watched on eBay but the price was always redic.  This was still priced high at $50 but I bought it anyway as a birthday gift to myself!  I LOOOOOVVVEEE the colours!  So much so I got my nails done to match!

The blouse ended up costing me closer to $80 with shipping and the dollar exchange, still far less than the $180USD original price tag, if I recall correctly.  Now, my *pinspiration* came directly from the Anthro website, hence the shorts!!

We models sacrifice for the name of beauty.  It was about -15 degrees Celsius!!!!!

I, er, obviously couldn’t wear this to work so I quickly changed…

My *real* OOTD… Still freezing!
This is one of my favourite necklaces by She Does Create. It has a turquoise elephant and a little prayer pot – my 6yo daughter said: “You just open the pot and say your prayer into it, then blow on it and goes straight up to heaven to God.” Her words were quite meaningful as it turned out! I have some MAJOR news (**NO I AM NOT PREGNANT DO NOT ASK ME OR I WILL THROAT PUNCH YOU WITH MY MIND OR MORE) which I can’t wait to share in the near future!  Suffice it to say for now, prayers held us up and prayers were answered.  Hallelujah!
Worn with my DVF pants and Aquatalia boots. (Puddles is growing nicely and likes to be a photo-bomber like all our pets.)

If you’re interested in following along with my Pinspired March adventures, let me tell you straight up, I don’t post everything on Facebook or here on the blog – if you don’t want to miss a moment of Pinspired March 4.0, you need to follow along on Instagram and you probably should because in addition to excellent thrifted fashion, I will be demonstrating VSP (Very Serious Posing).

It’s going to be a fun month!!  

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  1. I can’t wait to hear the big news!!!! I am also so curious about your ebay experience. Have been thinking about trying it…