Of all the clothing I’ve packed and worn, one brand stands out as the absolute best for travel clothing no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing!

Wearing my fave travel clothing in New Orleans
I packed my favourite travel clothing for my road trip to Alabama which included a stop in New Orleans!

Travel Clothing – The Best Brand to Thrift, Buy and Pack

Before I reveal the best brand for travel clothing, let me be clear that this is just my humble opinion. I haven’t been paid or sponsored to say this. A friend of mine recently asked about good clothing for hot humid weather (also this brand) and it reminded me that friends share what they know so that we can all be better and do better. I should also reveal that this is one brand that I have never found while thrifting. (insert crying emoji) My favourite Megan has found it, my friend Su has found it. But not me, which means that every piece I have, I paid regular retail. That’s true love! Without further ado, the best brand for travel clothing is…

Icebreaker clothing
Icebreaker Merino Clothing

Icebreaker Merino clothing is lightweight breathable wool that is made with an ethical transparent supply chain – something that is very important to me. If I am going to buy new, it must be sustainable, ethical slow fashion. I have a handful of Icebreaker Merino pieces that I wear over and over at home and while traveling.

Icebreaker travel clothing collection
This is my Icebreaker collection, curated from sales since 2012.

What makes Icebreaker the best travel clothing? Read on!

Travel Clothing that is Wrinkle Free

I like to roll my clothes for packing but whether you roll or fold or use a packing cube, Icebreaker pieces don’t wrinkle. I have packed them in day bags, suitcases, duffel bags – all good.  Furthermore, Icebreaker doesn’t, er, smell even after multiple wears so you can go your whole vacay without laundering them. They dry quickly, never pill and are not stain magnets. Icebreaker is durable, so though the initial price point is high, it lasts forever.

The Best Travel Clothing
My first Icebreaker piece was the Villa skirt and I’ve had it for years. Looks the same today as it did here. Unfortunately, Icebreaker no longer sells the Villa pieces but there are other options!
The Best Travel Clothing Brand
I wore this classic grey v-neck tee all throughout a canoe camping trip including during the torrential downpour on the portage out. It was dry in 5 minutes and ready to wear for another two weeks.
Icebreaker Villa leggings
My Icebreaker leggings saved my butt during my Disney road trip in 2016. I went through Alberta, Montana and all the way to California only to discover COLD temps! I could pack these leggings in my purse and put them on under a dress after the sun went down.
Best Brand for Travel Clothing
In fact, I layered my Icebreaker leggings, tee and skirt at Disneyland, adding and subtracting pieces as the weather changed.

Travel Clothing that is Stylish

I have worn my Icebreaker pieces in so many ways. They tend towards classic styles that can be easily mixed and matched with each other or other pieces in your closet. They form the basis for a travel ‘capsule’ wardrobe and can be dressed up or down!

Stylish Travel Clothing
That same grey tee I wore camping I also styled with a skirt for work!
Stylish travel clothing
I wore my Icebreaker leggings more often in Canada – they also were helpful for the “is this a dress or a top” outfits.
Best travel clothing for all weather
AND they’re good for those Texas “winter” days! (This was Christmas Eve.)
When traveling, I like to mix neutrals with pops of colour in accessories, theoretically to pack less. More on that in another post!

Travel Clothing for Cold and Hot Climates

Icebreaker wicks away water and sweat like nobody’s business. I hear tell they are good for exercising but I couldn’t personally vouch for that aside from the shorts and tank tops I bought for my morning sweat-a-thons, i.e., taking my dog for a walk in Houston.

Best travel clothing for hot climates
I have 2 pairs of Icebreaker shorts – this green pair and a blue pair – and a few tank tops. I don’t usually take outfit photos of them because that’s the time of day when I’m a hot sweaty mess! I will say that the shorts run small and you have to be careful with washing – in cold water, hang to dry.
Best Travel Clothing for all climates
But of course, being wool garments, they are great for snow too and that I CAN personally attest to! Many of the Icebreaker pieces are intended as base layers for cold outdoor activities. (Those are my Prada loafers!)
Best Stylish Travel Clothing
I use my Icebreaker basics to copy stylish outfits during Pinspired March!
Best Travel Clothing
Did I mention that Icebreaker is easy to wear? It was super comfortable after my foot surgery, is comfortable when you have to sit for hours in a vehicle or on an airplane, and depending on the piece, can be quite forgiving for weight fluctuations… HOUSTON.

My husband has a few Icebreaker pieces as well: a t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, black zip jacket and navy hoodie. They are his absolute favourite for coaching hockey, daily wear in the Houston heat and of course, for travel on vacation with his gorgeous trophy wife and for his frequent overseas work trips. As for my kids, when they stop growing, I’ll buy them Icebreaker! For now, it’s thrifted for them! My *only* problem with Icebreaker clothing is the lack of plus sizes. They only goes up to size 33/XL in women’s and that leaves out MOST WOMEN. I have no idea if they have plans to get with the times and add more sizes, but I hope they do so more of us can enjoy this brand.

Anyhoo, I always scan the racks at second hand stores for Icebreaker and have it set as a saved search for online thrifting. I’ve already worn my skirt twice on my current vacation and I’m only on day three! My advice to you is twofold: firstly, if you EVER see Icebreaker clothing at second hand stores, snatch it up then run for the car! Secondly, watch for sales on Amazon, on the Icebreaker site and at your local outdoor supply store. This travel clothing packs small, is stylish, is perfect for different climates and most importantly, is comfortable to wear during any stage of your travels.

Do YOU have any Icebreaker pieces?  What would you add to your collection next?

Happy travels,

xoxo Nicole

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  1. I don’t have any Icebreaker yet, but I travel quite a bit so it may be worth a trip to West Ed one of these days to check out the store. . 🙂 thanks for the tip!

    • nicole

      I think it’s worth it! Also keep an eye out at the thrift stores and on Thred Up (which is available in Canada). They have good summer sales off their website and some pieces on Amazon too. Some outdoor stores like Camper’s Village also carry it, I think. Hope you like it as much as I do! xoxo

  2. I did find a pair of icebreaker shorts from a Facebook consignment group – was disappointed they were a size too small….but I gave them to my friend and they looked great on her! I’ve always got my eyes on it when I see it in a shop, but can’t bring myself to pay retail for it (yet).

    • nicole

      Yeah the shorts run small, it’s a bummer since they’re a nice fit and great quality. I was reluctant to pay the retail price – albeit on sale – too but after we went on our canoe trip, I was convinced. I wished I had a bag full of Icebreaker on that trip. You would have excellent insight into this topic having traveled for months with your family!

  3. Interesting to read, thank you.
    I love wool, especially Icebreaker and their ‘baa codes’ so you can tell exactly where the wool came from. I have an Icebreaker dress, lovely and breathable for travelling as well as not needing ironing. Like your pieces, it is still in good condition after years.
    I also have (not Icebreaker brand) but merino wool underpants which are expensive but worth it. There’s some transparency in the supply chain in the brand I bought but I would like to see more, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for Icebreaker sales.

    • nicole

      My next Icebreaker will be a dress or maybe a hoodie/sweater! I’ve looked at their undergarments and been tempted but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Not sure they can accommodate my preferences (I like big panties and I cannot lie ;P). I’m glad to find someone who likes Merino wool garments and Icebreaker as much as I do!