When I introduced the Essential Pieces of a Colourful Wardrobe, I vowed to myself not to be general.  “Colourful cardis”… too vague.  Of course, colourful cardis are wonderful and the more colours the better IMHO.  BUT, if you had to buy just 7 things to turn your wardrobe from a classic wardrobe of neutrals to one characterized by colour, you need specifics like a mustard cardi.  Today, I’ll share the must-have accessory of a colourful wardrobe…

The Turquoise Necklace!

Why turquoise?  Well, in a scientific study (of my splurge sisters at a clothing swap), it was determined that the turquoise necklace complemented most outfits and most people.  The particular necklace you see here was made my talented sister She Does Create and given to me after I looked at longingly with sad puppy dog eyes for 2 days straight, and I have worn it over and over again.  Any turquoise necklace would do, but if you have just one, make sure it’s a quality piece because you too will wear it over and over again!  Today, I styled it three new ways because I have 3 photographers that each wanted to earn some Pokemon cards.  Up first…

Green top $4.20, handmedown cardi, polka dot jeans $6.40, green suede vintage shoes $14.25
Green top $4.20, handmedown cardi, polka dot jeans $6.40, green suede vintage shoes $14.25

I’m trying to illustrate here that turquoise looks good with any colour neighbour – greens, blues, teal – they all work.

turquoisenecklacegreenandnavy turquoisenecklacegreentop

Second outfit…

Orange elephant print BR tee $4.90, Paige denim flares $3, leather vintage ankle boots $10
Orange elephant print BR tee $4.90, brown cardi free in clothing swap, Paige denim flares $3, leather vintage ankle boots $10

I’m trying to show here that turquoise also looks great with colour opposites – orange, red, pink – and with prints as well.  You don’t need to have a solid base to pull this off.  You can style your turquoise to be a bit boho like this look…

turquoisenecklaceorangetop2 turquoisenecklaceorangeprint

Or use it for a preppy look!

All the style bloggers are doing it, so can I. JCrew gingham top $4.20.
All the style bloggers are doing it, so can I. JCrew gingham top $4.20.  P.S. this is a selfie so it doesn’t count in the 3 outfits, k?

Lastly, you can use your turquoise as the statement piece it wants to be!

Tahari dress $3.50, Chie Mihara boots $7
Tahari dress $3.50, Chie Mihara boots $7

I’m trying to show here that even colours that you might think “clash” with turquoise look good!  (Also, I wanted to pretend like it wasn’t -32 degrees out by wearing a dress.)

turquoisenecklaceperiwinkledress2 turquoiseperiwinkle

Just like the mustard cardi, I could throw this on with just about anything and it will look great!  It goes without saying, I hope, that the turquoise necklace will also look fab with any neutral or classic piece and will add a dose of colour to an otherwise neutral outfit.  It also goes without saying that anyone can throw on a neutral accessory with a colourful outfit, so wearing turquoise instead ups your style game!


I could have gone on and on, playing turquoise necklace dress up all day long but I had to stop ignoring my children spend quality time with my children.  Just trust me that whatever you got going on in your wardrobe colour-wise, a turquoise necklace will work!  And I will leave you with one of my favourite looks with this necklace from earlier this year…

Alanis and Nanette...
You oughta know (now) that a turquoise necklace is THE essential accessory of a colourful wardrobe!


  1. She Does Create

    That is still one of my all time favourite pieces. I was making statements before statements were cool 😉

  2. Elizabeth Taylor

    I’m really enjoying these and looking forward to putting all the information to use!

  3. The Spirited Thrifter

    Thanks Elizabeth! I’m having fun thinking about the essentials and sharing them!!

  4. The Spirited Thrifter

    ps. how are you doing? I can’t remember when you’re due?!!

  5. Elizabeth Taylor

    I’m well, thanks for asking; it’s very sweet of you to remember.
    January 27th, so right around the corner. I’m excited for multiple things this time – baby AND getting to have an awesome thrifted wardrobe again!