Sometimes two thrift enthusiasts, busy working moms battling colds and fatigue, decide to throw reason to the wind (the winter wind) and go for a short thrifting session to boost their spirits…

And so it came to pass that Adina and I headed out for the third Tuesday Night Thrift at the west-end Goodwill in Edmonton.  This particular Goodwill is known for having a good selection of footwear and I have indeed found GREAT shoes there in the past!  Naturally, that’s where we headed first…

Here we are by the shoes! I didn’t think Adina would be game for a sick-selfie so I got all sneaky.  ;P Love her HAIR!! 
Just recently, Edit Style was talking about Camper shoes and lo and behold, here was a pair in a gorgeous colour, perfect condition… but too small for me!  WAH!

Loved the cool style of these shoes and they did fit but were alas uncomfortable.

I tried to get Adina to buy either of these pretty patterned pumps but she is no fun. I mean, if I hadn’t had foot surgery maybe I could entertain wearing them, but FINE Adina, just pass them by on your pump-wearing feet… ;P

Actually, Adina was on a mission for designer denim and found several pairs to try for her and me!

This Paige pair was not bad from the rear if I do say so myself!
Not so much from the front. Who exactly CAN wear low rise pants? I know I’ve had 3 kids and am not exactly known for exercising but still… The pants were the right size!  Size isn’t the problem and my body isn’t the problem; the fit is the problem. #justsaynotolowrise
These pants on the other hand were definitely too small!! I share because something happens when we wear too small clothes: we look bigger!  So ladies, disregard what the tag says and just find pieces that fit and in so doing you will look your smallest.

I had a few other no’s in the fitting room…

J Crew skirt with pockets. Meh. Pass.
BCBG dress with VERY complicated tying requirements. Well, I blame my cold-meds-induced fog for standing there helplessly holding the ties over my shoulders like suspenders until Adina came and fixed me up. xoxoxo (the ties cross in front FYI)
Unfortunately there was a hole in the boob and that is something no one wants. #justsaynotoboobholes
So excited to see a mustard coat!!! Until I put it on and realized how boxy it was. Pass.
This was a Georgio Armani piece! Would be a great score if not for those power shoulder pads which realistically I’m not going to remove so pass.

And I spotted a couple neat things as I was browsing…

Comic-book print leggings just like my skirt!
There was a great selection of grad dresses! I hope some savvy young women choose to buy secondhand! In fact, I would LOVE to take someone shopping and feature them here – any grads out there interested??!!!
Spotted these on my way out otherwise might have snagged the pink one for my daughter. Royal Doulton Bunnykins sets are collectibles!

The night was looking like a bust until I tried on this…

Mackage leather jacket!
Made in Canada! Double score!
I was/AM looking for a black leather jacket but when thrifting, you take what you get and don’t get upset.

It was $30 but in great condition – only some minor wear on the lining – and regular retail price would likely be around the $800 mark so I call that a score and the evening a success!  Next Tuesday Night Thrift, we promise to give more notice!!  We love connecting with our Edmonton thrift community!


  1. Wow, thanks for being so brave to show the baddie photos! I love you teaching me how to thrift. Thanks so much.

    • nicole

      No shame in my game! For real though, I have always strived to show real life style – a real sized woman with a real sized budget and real sized time limitations. I want people to know that secondhand shopping is a viable option for pretty much everyone!! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  2. Kathleen

    I love these posts so much! Beautiful jacket!

  3. lynette j

    I hope you will make a road trip to Calgary. Would love to show you my fave spots; sure you would find some treasures!

    • nicole

      Actually me and my thrifting buddies have been talking about a weekend thrifting road trip so I might just take you up on it!! (After hockey season!)

  4. That jacket is such a great find, fits you well! I’m sure you’ll find that colour is just as versatile as black too.

    • nicole

      Thanks so much!! Yes I think it will be the perfect addition to my coat collection (but I’m still going to look for a black moto style)!!!