Remember back in Thriftapalooza Part 1 I warned you that the third and final part of my epic thrift trilogy would be the best?!  This is your cue to go get a cup of coffee/wine depending on the time of day and settle in because Shannon and I found the bargains, the house, the 8 foot tree and more!!

We started a new week of thrifting on Monday by visiting Texas Thrift!

Texas Thrift is a bit of a drive for me but well worth it!  Each Monday, there is a 99 cent colour tag sale as well as 50% off another colour tag!

I had never been before so I could be mistaken but I think there was also a third 10% off colour tag! 

Texas Thrift is HUGE!  In large stores with so much selection, my strategy shifts a bit.

I scan for labels and items off my thrift hunting list but I focus on the sale tags.  I found no shortage of sale pieces that fateful Monday morning!  There were plenty of no’s but it was fun to file through them…

Too small Cartonnier jacket
The technical term for this style is “boob sack dress”. Thumbs down.
Boho-ish top with nice colours… and a maternity waist line.
Anthro brand top that was bursting at the buttons.
I was looking for longer tops but it proved challenging to find ones that were long enough but not maternity looking.  
This one was long enough, not maternity but I didn’t love the floral pattern.  

There were more no’s but some are not fit for public consumption or my self-esteem.  I did find a few great pieces!

Faith and Joy brand top for $1! Nice colours, long enough, not maternity!!
Here it is in action!
Another sleeveless top for $2.50!
Anthro brand Maeve skirt for $1!

Shannon scored some kimonos and tops, but *the* find of the trip was something for my daughter…

All the heart eyes for these!

Shannon and I picked her up from the bus and said we had a great surprise that we thrifted for her!!!!!!  She was excited, we were excited!!!  Then when she saw the red sparkly boots, she burst into tears.  Huh???  Turns out she was thinking of a past thrift trip where we found a doll house with a bunch of pieces and were ready to buy it when we learned someone had already snagged it.  She was so disappointed but I told her I would keep my eye out for a doll house and one day we would *be surprised* by finding one at the thrift store.  Dang if kids don’t remember what you say sometimes.  So the boot reveal was a bit anti-climactic but all was eventually redeemed, you’ll see.

Back to Monday, on our way home from Texas Thrift, we stopped at the nearby Goodwill because you don’t just drive by them.  It’s a thrifting rule (which my husband routinely breaks much to my chagrin).

Loved this “Suno” coat but just couldn’t justify it.
Loooooovvved this “Amass” coat but again don’t need to introduce more competition for my current coats! But I love you.  Sniff.
Okay LulaRoe, these leggings are NOT “one size.” 
I did find this Val Stevens top for $6 that I adore! I love red and blue together. I might just have a cobalt pair of shorts waiting to go out with this top!
This top brings out my MMS (Matchy Matchy Syndrome).

That wrapped up our Monday adventures, and Tuesday we decided to hit the thrift stores in Sugar Land since I hadn’t ventured there yet!  Oh am I glad we did!

Yes, I am 15 years old and wore my new top the next day. 
I found a seafoam blue/green top for $1.25.
In action!
I wasn’t exactly sure if these butterfly print paper bag pants are my thing, but for $1.50, I’ll try the trend! When I went to pay, I told the young man at the till that I wasn’t sure what they would be called. He replied, “I think they’re gauchos ma’am.” YES!! That’s what we call them. I loved that guy for saying gauchos.
I’ve been looking for a graphic tee that says something besides “always late”!! This one was $1.25 merci beaucoup!

If you recall, on Sunday, I made Shannon hang all my art work and decorate my house.  We put up everything we have which isn’t really enough for my giant Texas house.  Shannon advised that I needed a tall plant for my living room.  Well lo and behold if there wasn’t a VERY tall plant in the Sugar Land Goodwill!

$40 for the pot and plant!

I should mention that I do NOT have a green thumb.  My friend Elisa got me a plant a couple of months ago and before I could get it to grow, my dog ate every last leaf.  Maybe my dog was sparing it from a slow death??  In any case, I accept that silk plants might not be top-notch design elements, but they’re what I can manage and this one looked pretty good!  Shannon gifted it to us as a house-warming gift!  xoxoxo  Then, we both tried to give advice to the helpful young man loading it into the van which he wisely ignored…

I still can hardly believe we/he got it in!
So pleasing! I love my wall now!  It has a painting gifted from Elisa, a painting by Elisa herself, a print from my wedding, a thrifted Ansel Adams print (my son’s name is Ansel!), a thrifted painting, and a draft drawing by my husband’s grandfather. Everything is meaningful to me and that’s why it works.

You might think we peaked with the tree.  We didn’t.  While we were stalking the tree, we stopped to look at a Barbie doll house that was broken and overpriced… and then we noticed another section of toys in the middle of the store including… A DOLL HOUSE WITH A BUNCH OF PIECES!

Auntie Shannon bought a giant Texas house!!

So. Much. Fun.  

Sigh!  Makes me happy just looking at these photos again!!  And that’s not all, Shannon also scored a Soft Surroundings robe!

Robe perfection is what you’re looking at.

On our way home with the tree, we passed by a Salvation Army Thrift Store and *had* to pop in.

You don’t see this in Canada. And in light of the Parkland shooting, looking back at this just makes me so sad.

The Salvation Army store was HUGE but a bit of a bust.  We never ended up buying anything but I spotted a couple of gems.

I did spot some good labels including Anthro, Eileen Fisher and more but I think we both just wanted to get home with the tree and doll house!

Better luck next time!

The next day, Wednesday, was our last day to thrift!  Insert sad face emoji.  We decided to spend it back at MAM Resale since we had such an awesome time the previous Monday.  Well, when what to my wondering eyes did appear but a sidewalk sale!!

Dresses were $3 and pretty much everything else outside was a buck.

Of course, I had no cash and had to pay inside where the till automatically added the store wide 10% off, so all my sidewalk sale purchases were only 90 cents, and $2.70 for the dress!  Here’s what I got:

Mustard and red “Paperboy” (which I believe was an Anthro brand) skirts and a Lilly Pulitzer skirt WITH POCKETS for 90 cents each.
Blue Old Navy top and Anthro brand Vanessa Virginia floral top with pockets, 90 cents each, and Lauren striped cardi $9.
Spence maxi dress $2.70 (and it’s *actually* maxi length on me!)
Nine West rose gold leather flats $9, Chico’s earrings $5.40, rose necklace 45 cents and heart charm necklace 90 cents.
Thirty One bag $2.70, perfect for trips to Typhoon Texas! I also got that bag-that-shall-not-be-named for $2.70. 🙁

Here’s how I’ve worn some of the pieces…

Shannon and I opened and closed Houston Thriftapalooza with MAM Resale and I now consider it my favourite Houston thrift shop!  Thriftapalooza Part 1, Part 2 and 3 were so fun!  My sis and I had a wonderful time and I feel prepared for Spring in Houston, which is basically starting now!  I miss Shannon so much but felt such peace knowing we pick up right where we left off, that our sisterhood is timeless.  So much love to you, Shannon!

Till we thrift again!


  1. Loving this post! Great finds and those dollhouse photos, especially the hugging, is the sweeeetest Made me smile

    • nicole

      Aw thanks!! It was a special moment! We sure miss Auntie Shannon now! 🙁

  2. Channelled you today — found an Eileen Fisher linen/cotton kimono jacket for $1.91 at Family Thrift in San Antonio!

    • nicole

      Well done!!! I can’t wait to thrift in San Antonio soon! I mean see the Alamo and the River Walk. No, I mean thrift! 😉

  3. mrsyeo01

    I love thrifting with my fam. We call it “Treasure Hunting”

    • nicole

      It’s the best and I think of it as treasure hunting too! Used that phrase so much to describe my thrifting!!

  4. nicole

    Thanks!! It was so much fun! Now I’m the lookout for some other household things as per Shannon’s recommendation! When are we going to go thrifting?!! We could meet at Texas Thrift some Monday – that was pretty fun, or I’d be happy to accompany you to MAM!

  5. What a fun series. I loved your daughters face when she saw her dollhouse. Is the bow in her hair a Jojo bow? My daughter has one that looks just like it. I tried a Goodwill outlet for the first time last week (after 4 years of thrifting, I decided I was hardcore enough). Everything was 0.99 cents a pound, it was a lot of fun to sift through the bins and found a lot of surprisingly nice stuff. I’m far from my family too, but the pictures and the items I thrift with them bring back the good memories.

    • nicole

      That’s awesome! I haven’t even sifted through bins yet!! Good for you!! No, my daughter’s bow is not specifically Jojo but surely inspired by her and also every other little girl in Texas LOL! I actually got her a bunch of bows from MAM Resale! Thanks for commenting! Would love to hear more about your bin finds!

      • The best thing I found in the bins was a small Vera Bradley purse that was new with tags. Somebody shoved a large pile of stuff in my direction and two new Vera Bradley bags popped out from under the pile (somebody else got the other one). I found a Valerie Stevens patchwork suede bag that fits books and papers (which was on my thift list). Cabi pants and top, a garment bag, men’s shirts: Eddie Bauer, Tommy Hilfiger, a white dress shirt, a Harry Potter shirt, and another new with tags button down. Army green loft capris, Black House White Market shirt, Ann Taylor summer dress, Mossimo chambray shirt, Fringe chambray shirt, Deluth trading post shirt, Willi Smith rust colored shirt, 3 pair of new looking Gymboree stockings, and a boys Star Wars hoodie. Those are the things I remember off the top of my head, I’m sure there are a few more I am forgetting all for a grand total of $21. It was a little intimidating at first; they have people move to certain areas of the store so they can move bins in and out and they tell everybody when they can move to the new bin and even when to start looking so people don’t mow others down to get to the bin and start sorting through first. It was lot of fun to look through the items and hunt for treasures, there were even a few new with tags bridesmaids dresses in the pile.

        • nicole

          Wow!! I can see why resellers focus on the bins!! Did you find it crowded with resellers? I appreciate that that’s their job, but sometimes when I’m being rushed through the racks by what is obviously a reseller, I find the intensity a little off-putting. I would like to go to the bins one day (never have) just for the experience!! Thanks for sharing – I LOOOOVVVEEE hearing what other people thrift!

  6. What a great visit you two had, and such great thrifting! I loved the doll house part, but I also loved so many of your great finds! That striped cardi is going to go w/so much! So many cute tops…and that maxi dress, and that robe Shannon found! Nice! When you said you wore the shirt the next day because you’re 15, I had to laugh–I do it too, every single time!

    • nicole

      hee hee glad I’m not alone! It was a good time and I can’t wait till she comes back! It’s fun to keep discovering new to me thrift stores in Houston! That’s a major PRO for moving!! Thanks for your comment!