Happy May 1st!  This day can only mean that time is passing faster and faster as I advance in age one thing – it’s time to see who got voted off the island… I mean, which pieces got voted out of Nicole’s closet!  Thank you all for playing along with the SPARK or SWAP debates!  It is always interesting to get another perspective about such matters!  Without further ado…

In a tight race swayed by a recent article about Stylish Seniors Icons (see #6!), the newsprint coat is a SPARK!

I’ll give you one more season to earn your permanent home in my closet!

But maybe I’ll have to style it up like this…

Stylish Seniors

Next up, a black and white top that faced a black and white decision: SWAP  And so it went to Change of Clothes and hopefully found a new home!

Et voila!
Thanks for the good times despite the awkward sleeve and neck hems!

I was prepared to let this one go, but decided to give YOU, the voters, the final say in a landslide result of 34 SPARK to 13 SWAP… Give a warm welcome to my returning piece, the J Crew blazer!

For the record, the sleeves *are* rolled but could be rolled further and I will take the advice of wearing it with a red or denim dress!
For the record, the sleeves *are* rolled but could be rolled further and I will take the advice of wearing it with a red or denim dress!

Next up, another blazer, another quality brand but this time, my mother-in-law’s endorsement made the SPARK‘s 24-5 victory all the sweeter!

And if I *have* to thrift more dresses to wear with it, so be it.

Speaking of dresses, the next piece on trial was my bird-print dress which was the hands-down-favourite of my IRL style coalition (work friends).  They love the look of a short “dress” with leggings and so did Instagram!  SPARK it is!

I love the print of this dress, though it is decidedly NOT a dress on moi!  (If you have to ask, is this a top or a dress, it's a top.)
The matchy-matchy suede ankle boots might have tipped the scales in favour of the dress!

After a week-long interlude to focus on Fashion Revolution, I wore my heart on my sleeve chest and got real about letting go of gift-guilt…

The colours, the print, the stripes!  LOVE!
Hopefully this SWAP will spark joy for someone else!  Meanwhile, I’m glad we had one good outfit together!

And that leads me to my final piece and what I thought was a surprising result…  Almost unanimously, people voted this silk dress as a SWAP!

Worn with my $7.70 coral wedges, coral belt $2.10, necklace BT (Before Thrifting) and She Does Create bracelet and earrings.
I thought the colours would be enough to *spark* the fire but they couldn’t overcome the static and questionable fit.

Of the 7 featured pieces, 4 sparked joy and 3 are headed to the clothing swap… which means there’s not much of a dent in my closet!  Sigh…  Oh well.  There are still a few other pieces up for debate, so stay tuned on Instagram – you never know when I might throw a SPARK or SWAP at ya!



  1. Sandra Couture Reply

    I posted this in my various FB groups to get the #TuesdayTry ball rolling.

  2. The Spirited Thrifter Reply

    That’s awesome! Thanks! I think it’s a great question to ask each time we get dressed – to edit our closets AND hone our style! I focused on this in April but issue a different Tuesday Try each week. I have a Pinterest board for it to share inspiration. Thanks for all your comment and encouragement – I truly appreciate it!

  3. Sandra Couture Reply

    The Spirited Thrifter inspiration board for Tuesday try or inspiration for new outfits or things to try and find?

  4. The Spirited Thrifter Reply

    Both! Links to them are on the right side of my blog when not viewed on a mobile device!

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