March was crazy, y’all.  (Am I trying too hard?  Probably.  Sorry.)  I LOOOOOVVVEEE Pinspired March but it does require a *bit* of time, and then there was a last-minute trip to Houston during Spring Break to check out the new neighbourhood with our kids, *not* to look at houses (er, we found a house), and the worst experience travelling home courtesy of Air Canada and its terrible service (er, never flying Air Canada again if I can help it), concluding with a novice hockey tournament and dog show.  Oh, and solo-parenting.  Relaxing times, I tell ya, but, being dedicated, I did thrift a little and I went to Adina’s awesome clothing swap, so I have some wares to share.

Scored this olive sleeveless blouse for $5.25 … Do you like how I ironed it before photographing? #not #thisisreallife  I wore this with my black joggers, a jean jacket and a navy scarf on the way to Houston and basically felt like Miranda Kerr.
LOVE stripes, LOVE Theory so was very happy to find this staple piece for $4.90 .
Scored this gingham cardi at the swap so it was a big fat ZERO.  I haven’t worn it yet but envision it with something contrasty.   Or in a suburb.  I think I can make both of those things happen soon.
Blush-ish khakis for $4.20 – they’re my newest Melissa pants. xoxoxo I will wear them every Tuesday till I move, sniff sniff.
Oxblood, burgundy WHATEVER-you-want-to-colour-them pants $2.80 to replace a pair that had more pilling than I’m comfortable with. #ihatepills #exceptmidol
But I also scored these oxblood-burgundy J Crew cropped pants at Adina’s swap and will enjoy them for work fo sho… until I move somewhere where it’s too hot for pants!!!  (sorry)
Talbots striped skirt $5.60 which I planned to pack for my trip to TX then didn’t.  Isn’t it funny how thrifting changes your perception on price?  As I was typing this, I thought, that is SURE expensive.  ROFL
Denim mini skirt $3.50.
Though this is a mini, it’s long enough to be decent for a woman of a certain age (43).
H&M maxi dress $10.50. It actually has two front slits and is very light and airy and can be worn off the shoulder. It wants to live near a pool.
Anthro brand Fei silk “babydoll” charcoal watercolour slip dress $12.50 last seen here at the Houston Zoo. Enjoys warm weather and white wine.
Chambray shirt dress perfection for $7.70. This one was missing its belt but who wants to wear a belt anyway.
Vintage dress from Adina’s swap, scored from Shahna of @uincolour. I still don’t understand how it didn’t fit itty bitty her but it worked on me. Goes to show, you need to try things on.
Miz Mooz pumps $15 picked up for me by Adina. They’re a little higher than I expected and I haven’t attempted a full day in them yet but how could I say no to them?!!!
Fuchsia leather J Crew flats from Adina’s swap!

And the grand total is….

  • green sleeveless top $5.25
  • Theory navy striped top $4.90
  • Blush khakis $4.20
  • Oxblood pants $2.80
  • Talbots stripe skirt $5.60 
  • Denim mini $3.50
  • H&M maxi dress $10.50
  • Fei dress $12.50
  • Chambray shirt dress $7.70
  • Mix Mooz pumps $15
  • TOTAL: $71.95

WOOT WOOT under budget for once!!  I know I know, as I prepare to move I really shouldn’t be adding anything to my home or closet BUT thrifting is my stress relief and these are happy but stressful times so I guarantee nothing… (er, except I’ll be donating all my winter gear!!)

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