Y’all (see how I’m learning the Texan way), this month has been AWESOME!  It is the favourite time of year for us all and I’m always sad to see it come to a close…

“Feel like a woman, wear a thrifted dress.”
-The Spirited Thrifter-
And that, my friends, concludes #pinspiredmarch in one of my best #thriftscores ever – my $9.80 silk #dvf wrap dress!

But come to a close it must because I have some serious work ahead to sell my house, pack up and get ready to move to Texas while keeping up with my job and mostly-solo-parenting until the end of the school year.  I’m going to be lucky to get dressed let alone photograph my VSP (Very Serious Posing).  This month saw a lovely change of scenery as my family visited Houston over Spring Break, arriving home just a few short hours ago… (without our luggage and on standby but don’t get me started about that).  That made this year’s Pinspired March an international affair!  Let’s take a minute to appreciate the month from the top…

A word about this – there was one day on vacation when I did not manage a post (though I managed a giant margarita) and one day earlier this month when I managed an extra post. So I swapped it in here – different country, different weather!

There you have it!  Now, it’s always interesting to me to look at the fan favourites!

This shot had the most likes on Facebook!
But this shot had the biggest reach on Facebook thanks to some awesome friends sharing it!
And this shot had the most likes on Instagram! Taken by the lovely She Does Create!  I think it was my caption that was so relatable to many: Her : I look so cute in my clogs and stripes!!! Me : Try not to look pregnant, try not to look pregnant.

And my favourite post of the month was…

I know, I know, it isn’t a true Pinterest copy but I love so much about this shot. I love my $13 Miz Mooz sandals, I LOVE my $7.70 thrifted chambray dress, I love my daughter’s thrifted chambray dress, I love that she still likes to dress like me, I love that she poses like a fashion blogger, I love that she loves thrifted clothing and just accepts it as the norm, I love the warm Houston day, I love that we were about to start house hunting which made my next adventure all the more real. I feel so abundantly blessed!

Thanks so much for following along and for anyone new around these parts, I only do the Pinterest side-by-side copies in March to make a dreary month more fun!  I love it and you can check out the past few years here: Pinspired March, Pinspired March 2.0, Pinspired March 3.0.  Next year ought to be interesting and in-between-time, there will be other fun and thrifted awesomeness here, on Facebook and Instagram so stick around.  Y’all.

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