Throughout Black Out Style 2016, I am unveiling what I consider to be the 7 Essential Pieces of a Colourful Wardrobe.  So far we have:

  1. the essential mustard cardi
  2. the essential accessory
  3. the essential shoe

And today I’m declaring the essential scarf of the colourful wardrobe.  You might be tempted to pair your colourful wardrobe with neutral scarves or solid-coloured scarves… Well let me tell you, avoid that temptation and instead reach for a colourful-PRINT scarf!  A colourful-print scarf has the power to change an otherwise classic or neutral outfit into a colourful statement!  They are a way of saying, “Yeah, I like navy but I have a Colourful Style Personality AND DON’T FORGET IT.”

classicstyle classicstyle2

It’s not that that’s a *bad* outfit, but…


That’s better!  My navy striped J Crew top was crying for some pattern mixing, and my Anthro floral-print scarf answered the cry!  I bought this scarf as part of my very first Splurge B.T. (Before Thrifting) for $30 and though I’m confident that you can find plenty of colourful-print scarves thrifted, I will say that the cost-per-wear of this scarf is well under a dollar.  So investing in a colourful-print scarf you love will be worth it in the long run!

A bold shoe never hurts!
A bold shoe never hurts, especially gifted and thrifted Miz Mooz!  An 8 yo holding the camera with 2 hands also wouldn’t hurt, but that was not available this morning.  SIGH

Here is a little colourful-print scarf eye candy for ya!

colorfulprintscarf1 colorfulprintscarf2 colorfulprintscarf3 colourfulprintscarfmodcloth

Seeing all of those makes me feel like I'm fresh out of colourful-print scarves!  I don't have anything like those!  
Seeing all of these makes me feel like I’m fresh out of colourful-print scarves!  I don’t have anything like them!

Now, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I changed my cardi too… if you follow me on Instagram, you know where this is going..

Lemony wondeful vintage cardi from the Salvation Army gift shop for $6.75!
Lemony wonderful vintage cardi from the Salvation Army gift shop for $6.75!
Changed my earrings too!
Changed my earrings too!

If you don’t have a colourful print scarf, take yourself thrifting this week and find one!  If you have a hundred colourful print scarves, take yourself thrifting this weekend just in case there’s another one that wants to join the crowd!

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  1. Shannon Ebbesen

    Just in case…I love that! Still one of my most coveted scarves of yours 🙂